Thursday, May 5, 2011


I just realized that I left this blog laying in the dust...

I recently shut down my business. Here is the note I posted on the SCS page:
"Well, I've been thinking long and hard on how to approach this... So I'll just get it all out at once.

I started SCS last year on a whim, a way to make a few extra bucks to help pay the bills. I had to quit my job to stay home with our new baby and our oldest daughter because daycare was going to cost us more than I made at work. Which is insane.
At any rate, I tried my hand at sewing, something I've never done before. I did okay at it. I'm by no means a master seamstress, but I was having fun trying new things. Nothing makes my day more than a customer telling me they love what I made for them. That seriously makes me tear up, because I AM my own worst critic. It brought me a lot of joy to know that something was leaving my hands, something I worked hard on, and making someone else happy.

I've gone through 2 sewing machines, and about a thousand dollars worth of fabric. I've yet to break even. This has become more of a hobby than a business and I just can't afford to keep going. I love making stuff for my friends! You guys have been wonderful and I love ya'll! I just don't think I'm cut out to be a full time WAHM. I'm struggling to manage my time between running my household, my two kids, making time for friends and family, making time for my daughter's sports and choir, and everything else I need to do AND run SCS. I'm starting to atcually hate sewing and crafting, because it's become such a time/money sink and I don't want that to happen...

So it's with a heavy heart that I'm closing up shop. I've gave it a year to see where it would go, and unfortunatley it just hasn't worked out. Maybe I'll try again one day, but for now I just can't do it.

So what does that mean for now? All orders have been caught up. I won't be taking anymore sewing orders right now. I am trying to decide if I should sell my fabric or use it all up and throw everything on etsy.

To my crafty friends, if you see something you like, then PM me and i'll sell it to you on the cheap.

I am going to keep crocheting blankets for people, however, because it brings me such happiness and it's something I can take WITH me to soccer pratice and choir and doctors appointments. I can crochet in the same room as my toddler without worrying about her getting ahold of my rotary cutter. I don't have to lock myself in the office and have my little one crying at the gate because she wants me in the same room as her.

I will most likely be crocheting baby blankets and throws all summer and then putting them up for sale for the winter season.
So check back with us then for sure.

There are a few people I need to thank.

Alicja B. For giving me my very first sewing machine. Without her, SCS wouldn't have even existed.
Megs C. For all the advice, the help, the materials, and being a good friend through this whole thing.
My husband for encouraging my crazy ideas and giving me a chance to try this out, and for letting me buy WAY to much fabric and for putting up with my frustrations and crying and fits lol.
My testers for being my guinea pigs and giving me your honest thoughts.
All my bbs mama's who were my best customers and my good friends who pushed me to keep going. You guys are amazing. I love you.

And to my customers. You guys are great. I loved making things for you and I gotta say, you made it all worth it.

Thank you guys...
Sarah Romeo"

I'll leave this blog up for the cloth diaper info and reviews, but I am 99.9% sure I'll not be updating it anymore unless by some miracle I have another baby.
I AM always available for question and comments.
I hope that this blog might have served a purpose at least, all this time :(

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PIMP'in IS easy. :)

(tmi alert, if talking about your menses grosses you out, turn back now... but since most of you have ovaries and have been elbow deep in baby poop... man up and read)

McKinney-Oates Ceral is doing a blog giveaway for my favorite cloth pad vendor, Party In My Pants. Head on over there to enter to win a 25$ gift certificate.

Now I need to review these bad boys officially on the blog one day, but for now here is my comment entry:

"I’ve always had murderous periods. We’re talking, bleed so hard you think you’re dying and you can’t move because the pain is so bad…

I cloth diaper my daughter, and I actually sew wet bags for both cloth diapers AND mama cloth, but hadn’t tried cloth pads until my last 3 cycles. I had several friends sing the praises of going chemical free and cloth, telling me “You CD your baby, so why not give yourself the same benefits?”

I had a ovarian cyst rupture, on top of a already horrendous cycle. It HURT to put a tampon in, and I had gone through my old postpartum pads… I was driving to the store for more, when the super ultra uber “if you bleed anymore you’d be dead” tampon… leaked… all over my LIGHT GREY car seat..

It was then that I had enough.

I tried the PIMP cloth curious sampler and was super impressed that it was not only comfy, but amazingly more absorbent than those chemical filled little tubes o’ delight i’d been shoving up my poor woohaa all this time.

After my first cycle with the cloth, I noticed not only did the bleeding go down, but the cramping wasn’t as bad. My guess is from the lack of dioxins and nasties that come in regular pads and tampons helped my body regulate itself. It wasn’t any big deal to wash them.. it really wasn’t… They even did amazing overnight!

I can’t wait to order more."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where did all my free time go?

Not that I ever had much of it, but the ability to run this blog, my business, chase my extremley spirited 20 month old, deal with my moody tween, and be a good "house wife" have left me no time for anything else.

I'm sorry it's been so slow here guys :( I had big dreams for getting the blog rolling to daily posts again, or even weekly... Sadly there isn't enough time in my day.

Business has been slow, and I'm considering closing the shop. I'm not making enough to even break even at this point. I've not paid off my supplies/equipment costs from last year, I'm lucky if I get one order a month... I think people just either don't have the money to spend, or they would rather snag something while they are CD shopping at the same time.

Either way, not pulling in any money coupled with feeling like I've failed at something has made me less and less ambitious as time rolls by. My machine has been collecting dust for a month now.

Maybe it's time to let go...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quick Review Time! Grandma El's

I recently attended the ABC Kid's Expo in Las Vegas and was pleasantly surprised to see so many green and natural products there! I got a ton of samples while I was there, and was excited to give some of them a try.

I had heard great things about Grandma El's diaper rash and prevention ointment but I had never tried it. I grabbed a few samples while at the expo and they could not have come at a better time. I had several different kinds of diaper cream samples, but the majority of them were not compatible for cloth diaper use. Things like beeswax or zinc can seriously damage your cloth diapers and cause repelling issues. This particular product does contain petrolatum and lanolin, which /may/ cause repelling over time... but so far I haven't had any issues. Some mom's have complained of staining, and while it does say on the package that it might stain clothing, I haven't seen any staining on our diapers just yet.

My daughter had been recovering from a ear infection and also teething. Shortly after we got home from the expo, she got a tummy bug that completely tore up her digestive track. Her poor little rump was beet red and she was in sooo much pain.
Now, we've never had much luck with other diaper creams. They were all either to clumpy, to thick or sometimes to thin, smelled bad, or just made her rash worse. We typically use pure, organic, coconut oil for her rashes, as it is cloth diaper safe (thought there is some rumors about it's reaction to PUL) and worked like a charm...
But I reached for my little packets of Grandma El's to give it a shot.

I did like that it wasn't that nasty white creamy paste that most diaper rash remedies have. Instead it's a amber colored vaseline looking concoction. It doesn't have a bad smell, it actually smells a little fruity. It spread on nicely, and my baby didn't start shrieking in pain like she does with other creams that contain zinc. I used it as directed, putting a little on with every diaper change and by the next day her rash was gone. I was pretty impressed.

Now, I haven't used it for 2 weeks straight yet, because I ran out. So I can't really give you a definitive answer on if it will stain/repell or not. However, it /does/ work and it works well. So I would suggest if you are wary of any complications, to simply use some sort of liner in your cloth diapers to prevent them. As for me, I'm going to get some more from my favorite retailer, Sweet Baby Bottoms when she restocks. You can also get it at Target, and Babies R' Us, however I prefer to support my fellow WAHM.

So overall, I would recommend this product to those looking to ditch the nasty white paste and want a quick, safe, natural alternative to other diaper rash creams out there. Just be sure that if you are really worried about any repelling issues, you use a liner.

Next week, before I go on vacation, I'll be doing a review of a pretty awesome chemical free baby soap I got from the expo. So sad they won't be in Vegas again next year, because I sure had a lot of fun and got to meet a lot of cool people.

Until this, hug your little ones close, and enjoy every moment as if it were your last.


Sunday, October 17, 2010


So much has been going on lately!

I had the pleasure of attending the ABC Kids Expo with my friend Rachel from Sweet Baby Bottoms last week. It was amazing! Two full floors of everything from cloth diapers and baby carriers, to furniture and feeding supplies. Baby gear that would blow your mind, and the coolest eco friendly baby items I've ever seen.

I was fortunate enough to grab a few samples, and put my name in to do some product reviews. I can't wait to breathe life back into this blog and start doing product demos for you guys again! Business has been slow for me, and I'm experiencing some difficulties with that... but this just gives me more time to devote to you guys.

I'll be leaving for Alaska on October 29th, to visit my family and friends for 2 whole weeks. When I get back I should have lots of samples waiting for me to review. I have a few baby skin care products, teethers, and cloth samples here right now that I'll hopefully get a couple tested and up for review this next 10 days.

As always, I hope everyone is well and surviving these hard times. We live in Las Vegas, one of the hardest places hit by this recession, so I feel your pain. My husband is fortunate to have a decent paying job, and he provides for us the best he can. Even so, money is pretty much always tight and I'm hoping I can get my business going again to take some of the weight off his shoulders.

Drop me a line and let me know what kind of products you'd be interested in seeing me review, what brand diapers you are into now, and anything else you have questions about...

Peace and Love to you all!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ahhh time time time

Where have the days gone?

Here I sit, counting down the days till my little girl goes off to Fourth Grade, and my baby girl starts potty learning. I feel so old.

So much has happened in the past few months.

We lost our house for the second time and had to move. Twice now we have been renting and had our landlord lose the house to forclosure or trustee sale. We found a new place and were able to get Cash for Keys to move out of the old place. It's very nice, 2 stories, lots of room for the kids to run around. Perhaps the coolest thing is the loft upstairs. My husband has turned it into our oldest daughter's living room. She now has her own space, her own desk for her computer, her own tv and all my husband's old game systems. She has my glider rocker and 2 full book shelves full of books to read, though she claims to need many more.

I finally have a office! A place for all my yarn, my fabric, my sewing table and my new machine (the old one died). Our computer is in here as well. We also have a nice tall gate to keep the baby out. A must since our dear sweet Izzy is into EVERYTHING and the word "no" just is the essence of high comedy.

I've started making more projects. Snack bags, mama cloth bags, etc. I'm learning more patterns for crochet and trying to get faster and better at it.

We've had a torrent of dental issues as of late. My husband had to have a cracked inlay removed and replaced with a crown. So expensive. I had to be put out and have oral surgery for a lot of dental work. NOT fun. We are both in pain and cranky and trying to not take it out on each other. We don't always succeed but we love each other and at the end of the day that is all that matters.

We are settling in finally. One day at a time :)

I hope to be able to update more in the near future. Between my family and my business, sometimes it's hard. But I <3 you guys. So here I am :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

BG 4.0

Well they came in the mail yesterday! I was all excited despite the delivery guy ringing my doorbell 8 times and banging on my door...

I opened the package and did my usual "YAY for FLUFF!" dance as I pulled out my new bumGenius 4.0 One size Diapers I bought the regular applix version, a staple in our house, and a snaps version that I had never tried.

That's were my excitement wore off.

The packaging looked different, but thats about it. They looked just like my old BG's. The only difference I could see was a slightly wider applix strip and a better laundry tab. The rise looked the same, and it was only a little big wider. I was really kinda disappointed that there weren't some huge and wonderful changes to accompany all the hype.

That being said, I have them in the washer right now being prepped. I expect the same great fit and absorbency, as BG's are pretty wonderful diapers. I expect them to work great just like always. I guess the only true test will be to see how the new applix holds up.

So I am sorry that I don't have a huge "Oh my gosh these diapers are amaaaaazing" post for you. I feel it would be redundant since we already know how awesome these diapers usually are.

I will post pictures later of how the applix holds up. I have high hopes for it because it /does/ look much thicker and a little wider.