Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Man I'm not so good at this updating thing...

So 2 days before xmas our house was broken into.
Long story short, they took everything of Mike's of value, and completley trashed our house looking for money (that we obviously didn't have). They completley kicked the door in as well.

My co workers at State Farm found out and unknown to me, pooled together to raise money for my family and bought Caitlin presents from Santa. It was amazing and overwhelming. I could not believe people loved us so much. Not to mention my church helped us so much too...

Besides the fear and the security issues that came with the break in, it gave us a amazing gift. It showed us that there are good people out there, and it really restored our faith in humanity. I've never felt so blessed in my life.

I'll try and post more about it when I have a chance.

Friday, December 19, 2008


It's been quite the crazy week.
My grandmother passed away (my dad's mom) which wasn't so much a shock as it was frustrating. After waiting for so long to even HEAR from family down south as to her well being, after all this time, only to have her pass away. She was suffereing though, and she hasn't been my grandmother for some time, due to the strokes and medical problems. I'm just happy she's not in pain anymore.

Had my check up with the OB. She's doing great, her heart beat is strong. I'm not putting on to much weight and I'm doing fine too. My blood pressure has been a little up and down but that has a lot to do with the holidays, work, and hormones on top of raising Caitlin.

We picked a name for the baby. Isabella Jayde Romeo.
Now we're weighing the pro's and con's of me taking a year off work to raise the baby. Only reason we're thinking about it is because to put her in daycare it's 1k a month. PLUS the daycare for Caity... thats my entire paycheck. We can't really afford it and we'd rather I be the one raising our daughter from 6 weeks on rather than a stranger. It would only be until she's a year old. Once she's a year it will cost much less to put her in daycare. PLUS I work for a great company and as long as I leave on good terms, I can come back if they have a position for me. So... It's looking like it would be better for me to do that, then pay so much for daycare and never see our kids.

So we have a lot of talking and thinking to do.

The baby is really starting to kick the crap out of me... but she's kicking STRAIGHT down into my cervix rather then out towords my belly. She hurts me :( lol

I'm really excited for her birth. I know it will make Caitlin very happy to have a baby sister. Mike seems pretty happy about it, and I know his folks will be thrilled. I just wish we could be back home so they could spend time with their granddaughters and us.

I better get back to work.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

i'm slacking.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


My blood sugar is under control for now!
We'll have to test again in week 24, 4 weeks from now, but at the moment I'm okay.
Little one has been moving like crazy so I'm confident everything is fine.

Today is my little girl's 8th birthday. It's crazy that my Caitlin is 8 already. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was pregnant with her. They grow so damn fast. I'm so proud of her.

I love my family, my friends, my job.
Life is good right now.
Despite the rigors of this pregnancy and being tired and achey and hormonal all the time, I have a lot to be grateful for.

Now all I want is for him/her to kick hard enough for Mike to be able to feel it, and for the ultrasound in 4 days to show us a healthy baby.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

19 weeks!

Well, 19 weeks and 3 days as of today.

I spent the morning in the doctor's office yesterday. They think I have gestational diabetes again because my blood sugar is high. So yesterday I had to do the 3 hours glucose test. I was there 4 hours. I have the BEST phlebotomist ever. Her name is Jody and she gets the vein every stick. She had to hit the same vein 3 times and it was pretty painless. She did awesome.

I find out today whats going on with my blood sugar, if I have to go on insulin or if I can just watch my diet like I did last pregnancy.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Dec. 8th we find out (finally) what we're having, boy or girl. We're getting anxious, Mike more so than me. Once we find out for sure, let the baby shopping begin! It's hard to buy unisex stuff these days. Besides, Girls can wear blue too ya know... In general it will just make things much easier to put a name to the belly monster and start getting ready for his/her arrival.

Other than that, things are good. Quiet mostly. Which is good because I have little to no patience or energy these days.

Anyway, thats the general family update for everybody. I'm going to sit here and drink my caffiene free beverage and wish it was a quad shot snickers mocha :(

19 weeks

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So my employee review was today, and apparently I passed with flying colors.
I got a promotion from a P1 to a P2 and will get my raise sometime around January after they have their budget allocation.

How awesome! I'm so glad. I'm proud of myself for keeping up with my work and doing my best and showing my boss I was a valuable member of my team.


Monday, November 24, 2008

all political opinions aside

I have a lot of republican friends who read this blog, my dad included, and a lot of democrats too..

Before I post this, let me say I'm not agreeing or disagreeing about Obama being president. I just think that it's pretty impressive what this young lady wrote.
She's 16 years old and she goes to my old high school, Palmer High, in Alaska.
She wrote this essay and it made it into the paper and blogs world wide.

I want to commend her for it, recognize how well it was written, and congradulate her for speaking out for what she believes. We need more kids to speak up about their beliefs and if half of them write as well as this one, we got a lot of smart, capable kids on our hands.

Like I said, I'm not jumping up and down screaming "YAY FOR OBAMA" I'm just proud of my hometown girl for what she wrote.

By Waverli Rainey
Published on Thursday, November 13, 2008 8:37 PM AKST

Being a Caucasian high school girl sometimes makes me forget a few things.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in social life, school projects, homework, and studies.

Sometimes I can forget what America looks like. Sometimes it takes a hateful word, a racial slur, or an act of disrespect to bring me to realization and clear my eyes and see. Sometimes it takes acts and images of hate to penetrate my daily thoughts and clear my mind of its clutter.

In 1955, a Baptist preacher by the name of Martin Luther King Jr. boycotted buses because a brave black woman refused to get up and move for a white man. In 1963, people came together to march to Washington in protest of segregation; and in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial that man uttered the words “I have a dream.” Then, on April 4, 1968, the same man was shot to death. Now on Nov. 4, 2008, Sen. Barack Obama was elected the first African-American president of the United States of America.

Nov. 4 was a momentous moment for me. I went to the Wasilla Sports Complex for what was called a community event. We were told it was non-partisan because it’s a city building. However, once inside, it seemed as if it was a Republican-only event. Despite this, we stayed. Although I am too young to vote, I sat at the Sports Complex to see who would be the new president. I felt joy as I saw Sen. Barack Obama’s electoral points grow and grow. I clapped for and was impressed by Senator McCain’s graceful speech and his call for unity and support for the new president-elect.

I anxiously awaited what Present-elect Obama would say. Between speeches, a live band played music. However, when President-elect Obama began to speak, those running the event had to be asked to have the band stop so we could hear him speak. Eventually, they stopped playing, but we missed the beginning of the speech. Then half way through this historic speech, former Mayor Keller turned down the audio of President-elect Obama and put on a call from Governor Palin. I certainly understand the desire of Valley residents to hear from the governor, but if this was a non-partisan event, I feel that interrupting the next president was disrespectful. I also feel it did not represent the coming together of America that Senator McCain had only moments before asked his supporters to do.

The event was supposed to be for all parties, for all people, but it didn’t feel like it. I was shocked and offended. The event was supposed to be for supporters of Senators Obama and McCain and no one paid respect to President-elect Obama’s historic moment. Finally, another step toward complete equality and it seemed no one cared.

So the next day I borrowed my mother’s Obama shirt and walked into school wearing my pride on my chest. Finally the campaign was over and I was actively supporting our new president, even though I knew I would be vastly out numbered at school. I expected complaints and qualms about the new president, but I was not prepared for the flat-out racist remarks said openly in the halls and classrooms. I was appalled. While I sat at my desk trying to do my work I could hear my fellow classmates:

“I think we should kill Obama,” one said.

“I hope someone comes up and shoots him in the head,” another would say.

“I hate Obama … he’s black.”

On went the racist words for the full 80 minutes of that class. Angered, I began to think of the injustice of it all and the ignorance of the students I was surrounded by. I wondered where they learned to be so hateful, and I wondered why the teacher never stepped in - why no adult, no student, including myself, had the guts to cut in and say it was not OK. Because it’s never OK for intolerance. It is never OK to cut someone down and dehumanize them because they do not look like you, or think like you, or talk like you, or worship the way you do.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

All men are created equal. All men. That does not mean only if you’re the same color as me, think like me, talk like me, or worship who or how I do. It means regardless of age, gender, race, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or religion - we all have the right to life, liberty and happiness. Guilt does not follow race. All Arab-Americans are not Muslim extremists; being Arab-American simply means their family came from a certain part of the world. All Asian-Americans are not all like Kim Il-sung; Asian-Americans come from countries like China, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore and they are not all the same. All African-Americans are not guilty of the genocide seen in places like Rwanda and Kenya.

If we were all guilty of the sins of our race, then what am I — a Caucasian high school sophomore from Palmer, Alaska — guilty of? Am I guilty of stealing land from their Native owners? Am I guilty of enslaving Africans? Am I guilty of the slaughter of entire races of people? Am I guilty of imprisoning Chinese and Japanese in American interment camps?

As a Causation high school girl, it’s easy to forget things like in America you wear a color — often called black, or white, or yellow, or red, or brown. We do not pick our name or race — we’re not chameleons who can change color at will, it’s how we’re born and raised. Being African-American, or Latino, or Asian-American, or Native American, or Alaska Native, or Arab-American is not a crime. Being Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, or agnostic is not a crime. Wearing a burqa on your head, or glasses on your face, or studying all views of the world and seeing the flaws of all governments is not a crime.

Sometimes I think of a place where all of our languages are mashed together, singing of our own multi-heritage pride; the pride of a truly unified America. A place where we can be proud of our accents because this is how American English sounds, too. A place where there is no more White Power! or Black Power! Where it’s American Power! Or better yet, where it’s Human Power! A place that proudly conjures images of colonists throwing tea into a harbor, Martin Luther King Jr. standing on the steps of Lincoln Memorial, and immigrants working hard to achieve their American dream all at the same time. We are the story of our culture and colors and I’d like us all to take pride in it.

I long for the day when the word American doesn’t bring the world to think only of a white high school football star, but also brings images of each of us as we are. This America would look like both a short blond girl with glasses, and like the son of a Kenyan father and a Kansas mother who was raised by his grandparents — a day when an American looks like ourselves — looks like us as individuals and at the same time as a community of all races and all people.

Waverli Rainey is a 16-year-old born and raised in the Mat-Su Valley.

You can read it here:

Now... That being said. There is a lot of feedback and comments.. Some good, some bad, some downright ignorant and mean. People can say what they want, I would die for you right to free speech. All I'm saying is, be proud that one of our children had the courage and the insight to write something like this, even knowing people weren't going to agree with her. Most kids her age are more concerned with Myspace and The Hills and crap like that. Even if she had written an article on McCain and Palin I would be so proud of her for voicing her opinion in a eloquent and well thought out manner.

Good Job Waverli!

Friday, November 14, 2008

TGIF Bitches!

Thank goodness. I was starting to twitch. We were down to a mere 70$ in our bank account but Mike got paid today and we're all good now.
Time to pay bills and go shopping.
Not fun shopping.
Food shopping. Our pantry is full of half useless ingredients. I have canned veggies, rice, beans, but no meat, eggs or cheese.
I got half ass meals all over the place.

So tomorrow or Sunday, we're going to go get our Costco membership and start buying complete meal stuffs. I need to start cooking most nights. Mike works so hard and he's on his feet all day and he gets home and he's starving so I want to be able to have a hot meal waiting for him.

Work is slow today, obviously or I wouldn't be blogging. I finished all my paperwork and now I'm just sitting here, feeling the baby pummel the hell out of my insides and trying to stay awake. I'm so tired. I can't get comfortable at night anymore. Between my belly, my boobs, the baby and mike snoring, I'm lucky to get maybe 3 hours.

I tell you what, first thing i'm doing when I get home is taking a nap. I'm just getting to old for this crap.
I wish I could fast fwd to april so I can have this baby already.
I only hope he's going to be as good of a baby as Caitlin was. No crying, sleeping through the night... she was a great baby. Then she grew up... ugh.

Well I better go pretend I'm working for the morning. I'm hoping the queues will fill back up after lunch and I'll have something to do. I hate not being busy. Makes your day drag on.

That's all for this random string of conciousness.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


That is the word of the month. OW!
My belly cramps a lot, and all this stretching and growing has made OW my new favorite word. This baby is going to be huge... I have a feeling.

Funny thing last night:
I was kicked back in the recliner working on the baby's blanket and our tuxedo cat, Pixel, climbed up into my lap. He stretched out over my lower belly and started to purr. Almost immediatley the baby started kicking up a storm. I think he likes the sound of Pixel's purring. I could feel him squirming around and thumping away the louder Pixel got. It cracked me up.

Today is Veterans day. I just want to say, having come from a strong military family, THANK YOU to all our military personel. Thank you for your service, thank you for sticking it out even when you might not have agreed with why you were deployed... Thank you to the folks who stayed state side and took care of the returning wounded (like my dad) and did their jobs with pride, as well as to all our boys and girls serving over seas.
I love you all, and I'm grateful for your service.

I'm off to finish up my work before I go home. The baby is moving around a lot and my belly hurts, but I still have a couple more piles of paperwork to sort through before I head back home.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oooh I'm slackin

Sorry sorry,

Things are going fine here in the Romeo household. Baby is growing and I've started feeling him squirming around in there. Caitlin's math grades are coming up finally. Mike is settling into his new job.

All in all, things are pretty okay. I'm coming up on my one year anniversary with State Farm. Which means a slight raise and this spring I might be up for a promotion to P2 which would be awesome. My current boss and I don't see eye to eye but I'm hoping he'll evaluate how hard i work vs. our personal opinions when it comes to promoting me.

The Lord has blessed me, he really has. My family is happy and healthy, our jobs are steady and we can pay most of our bills. We still struggle from time to time, but we are doing so much better than we were. I am truly blessed...

We're trying to save up money to pay back our uncles, we really feel awful we haven't been able to get them paid back. Seems like every time we have the money, something bad happens and we have to use all our savings. We /will/ pay the back somehow.

We're thinking of saving up money and maybe in 3 or 5 years moving back home. We really want our kids to be around their grandparents, and we miss our family. Plus I have a job with state farm back home so we'd just need to save up money to find a house and get Mike a job and we could do it.

Anywho, it's time for me to lay down. The baby is flip flopping and my belly hurts and I'm ready to get some rest before my husband starts snoring ;)

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Had my OB check up this week. I had told her I was worried about the baby because I had the flu and a stomach virus all at once and since I had a temperature i was worried the baby might have been affected. My doc decided to do a ultrasound right away to make sure the baby was ok.

I looked at the screen and saw my baby, laying on it's side and not moving, no heart beat, no sound but my own body static. I started to panic, my heart sank, all I could think was "Here we go, I'm going to lose another baby...." I was just about to ask my daughter to go sit on the other side of the room so she wouldn't see me cry when all of a sudden the baby started flipping it's shit. It started to flail around, flip and bounce and kick and wave it's little arms. It was playing possum and scaring the shit out of Mommy. My doctor commented on how much it was moving, how active it was. So active in fact she couldn't lock onto it's heart to take a measurement. She assured me that it wouldn't be so damn active if it was in any distress at all.

So other then the minor heart attack I had just had... Everything is awesome. Baby is doing fine, active as hell. I'm in my 13th week... Second Trimester ahoy! I can feel little twitters and popcorn popping in my uterus. I know it's not gas, this isn't my first baby. I can feel it. I'm so happy it's healthy.

5 more weeks and we go in again for another appointment and sometime around there we will have an ultrasound. Soon we'll find out if it's a boy or a girl. I'm hoping for a Boy. In fact I've started referring to it as a boy just out of habit.

I'll be leaving Monday afternoon for Tempe Arizona for a corporate type meeting for State Farm. It's kind of a crash course in company history and benefits etc. I'm scared to death of flying but it's only a 45 minute flight so I'll be fine. I stay overnight and come back home the next afternoon.

Other then that it's been sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat, work, sleep.
Getting harder to get comfortable at night due to the enormous breasts and the steadily growing belly. But I'll make it work.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just a random picture post

My little girl started from here:
From Caitlin Ann

From Caitlin Ann

From Caitlin Ann

From Caitlin Ann

From Caitlin Ann

From Caitlin Ann

From Caitlin Ann

From xmas 2007

From Caitlin 2/23/2008

to now:

Her hair is much a little longer now and has red in it, i'll have to upload a better pic.

I love my little girl, no matter how crazy she drives me.

Monday, October 6, 2008

More of the same

Not to much going on these days.
Been working, sleeping, eating... Finally stopped being sick. No more morning sickness, no more flu.
I'm eager to get to the next ob appointment. I'm nervous and hoping all is well.

Mike starts his new job at the Wynn soon. He'll be opening Encore as a assitant director of banquets. I'm proud of him. I know he'll do well. Besides the pay increase, it'll be nice for him to finally be recognized for his talents and hard work... Something Bellagio never did.

I'm happy. Things have been going well. Joyce and Ralph are living with us:
From Wedding

Thats been going well. We're all very low key and keep to ourselves. We barely see them as they spend most of their time in their room or out of the house, but when they are feeling social it's nice. Mike is really fond of them both.

So yeah, happily married, everything is going great. Baby is growing and life is good.

From Wedding

Monday, September 15, 2008

stream of thought

I should be sleeping. I'm so tired. However, my brain won't stfu.

The ultrasound went well. Baby is growing and his little heart was fluttering nice and strong. Mike's jaw dropped, he was so amazed. I think it cemented the reality that we're having a baby for him... He's very into the whole pregnancy and can't wait for the next ultrasound.

I'm due around the end of April. I swear my stomach has already stretched a bit. It's not my first pregnancy, but hopefully the second full term one. Maybe my body is just falling into the familiar role and my tummy is just expanding. I'm overweight, I know, but my tummy feels hard in certain spots and I can feel where my uterus is hard just above my pelvic bone. My breasts are huge and sore, I've been exhausted and the nausea omg the nausea!!!! It's just now ebbing off and I'm praying I don't have a full 9 months of this pukey feeling.

Right now my main focus is having a healthy pregnancy and carrying this one to term. Caitlin deserves a brother or sister. I'm hoping for a boy.

My other hope is Mike gets this new job. He's waiting on the drug test to come back good to go and he's in. It's quite a pay jump, about 24k. He'll be working for the Wynn instead of the Bellagio. He'll be around his uncle, and a otherwise new environment... but it'll be good for him to finally be recognized for all the hard work he does, rather then kept on the back burner.

I do love that man so much, and I'm proud of him. He's come a long way in the last 4 or 5 years. I married a good man. He raises Caitlin as his own, and though she tries his patience, he does his very best. Now we'll finally have a child from both of us, something I've always wanted since we were young. I always wished Caitlin had been his, but life took us different directions. Doesn't matter now, we're a family. A real family.

I feel like I need to show Caitlin more love. I find my father's temper coming out of me every time she does something I don't like. Sometimes I have to hold my breath to restrain myself. It's not her fault, she's being a normal kid. It's just the logic that fucks with my head. The whole "why did you do that? I told you not to do that! Don't you remember what I told you would happen if you did that?" conversation we have daily. The fact she knows she'll get a spanking or a toy taken away and she'll go ahead and do it anyway. I mean, wtf??? Maybe my adult brain just can't wrap around little kid logic. It bothers me because I used to be so good with kids. I had infinite patience, I was the goddamn KID WHISPERER. I was babysitting at age 8.
Maybe it changes when you have your own. It doesn't help she has a high IQ and talks like she's 30 and can read MY books and is soooo freaking smart I don't know where she got it from.

I love my daughter so much. I really do. I wish I could show her the affection and the attention that she needs rather then be so arms length with her. I wish I had more patience and more energy to tackle a healthy, rambunctious 7 year old. I wish I could be one of those soccer mom's who all the other kids love cause she's so cool and does all the fun stuff with her kids. I just can't. Maybe some of that has to do with how fucked up her life and mine was from the time she was 1 till we moved to nevada. Constant ups and downs and betrayals by people we loved. Maybe cause it was always just her and me and small enclosed spaces? Maybe the lack of stability affected us both? I don't know.

All I know is that I want to be a better mom. I don't want to be grouchy and quick to anger anymore. I want to be suzy sunshine again and love my little girl whole heartedly and not have to hold back.

I can't wait to tell her about the baby... she's going to be so happy. I seriously think she'll flip her lid.

I am going to stop. I could prattle on all night, but I need to take my meds and lay down. I have 0 energy these days, thanks to the little peanut.

Friday, September 5, 2008

it's crazy time.

A lot has happened...

First off, we lost our house. The landlord was foreclosed on so we had to move since we couldn't buy it. We're in the process of moving out right now in fact. We barely have any money to eat, let alone pay bills and we had to pick up and move with our 7 year old... Luckily my best friend, Joyce, is giving us a hand. She and her man will be staying with us a few months too. Which is awesome since we work together anyway and know each other pretty well now.

The other big news is we brought a extra souvenir home from our wedding...
I'm pregnant.
Yah... so much for waiting 6 months or so.
no... I'm 6 weeks pregnant. I know the math seems off.. but they count it from the first day of your last period. Mine was 7/22/08 and our wedding night was 8/02/08 which was like my peak fertile day (yes, im a idiot)... So I'm 6 weeks pregnant.
We haven't told family yet, or our daughter. We're waiting for the first ultrasound on the 11th to make sure everything is okay before we tell people considering my history of miscarriages. I'm already experiencing symptoms i didn't have with Caitlin or any of my other pregnancies. Like... horrible morning sickness... MORNING DAY AND NIGHT sickness. Plus my already huge boobies are even bigger.
It's incredibly frustrating to want sex, but not be able to have it cause your afraid your gunna puke and the slightest brush on your breasts make you want to commit mass murder.

So keep your fingers crossed, ye small number of people who read this. Having a miscarriage right now would probably kill me.

Other then all that and Caitlin being a absolute pain in my ass, things have been good. Mike and I are consistently working our asses off and trying to make ends meet. Dealing with creditors and sharks and the likes has taken a real emotional toll... but we're okay.

I'm off the yell at my daughter for yet another bad behavior note from her teacher.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

so far so good

One week into this thang and we haven't killed eachother yet :)

Looking at my wedding pictures has made me really resolve to lose some fucking weight.
My god I'm a fatty.
My tits were huge, my arms were fat and jiggly, and I looked like the stay puff marshmellow man in drag.

Time to buckle down and lose this baggage. My doctor is helping me out, she's running blood work
and checking my blood sugar and lipids and all that noise. Then we will sit down and figure out why I'm so fucking fat even tho I dont eat, and I belly dance as much as I can. Thyroid disorder aside since that's under control.

Tired of being a fat ass.
Besides I need to drop some weight so I can have a healthy pregnancy when its time.
I started back on my prenatal vitimins, working on quitting smoking, all that's left is losing some weight.

I start back at work Monday. Woot?
I'm bored out of my skull so it will be nice to be back, working my ass off.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So we're finally married.
August 2nd 2008, at 4pm I became Mrs. Michael Romeo.
The wedding was small but wonderful. We had only our closest friends and a few family members there. Mike looked so handsome in his suit and my makeup and hair was incredible thanks to my maid of honor, Joyce.

After the wedding we spent a few days at Red Rock Casino, just chilling out and spending time together.
We watched movies in the theatre down stairs and went bowling and just had a nice relaxing weekend.
Plus our room was incredible...
It wasn't they honeymoon we planned, (Seattle), but it was really nice.
We will save up and go to seattle for our one year anniversary.

We still have the rest of the week to relax and enjoy being married before we go back to our busy lives.

We have a lot of other stuff to deal with as far as our house and everything but I'll save that for another post.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

lets get this started

Mind you, this won't be anything special right now.
This is for my sanity.
I have a lot of stuff jumbling around in my brain that I need to spew out from time to time or I'll go on a homicidal rampage.

Maybe just get mad and huff and puff... but that doesn't sound nearly as bad ass as a homicidal rampage...

At any rate. I'll post here from time to time. Have to get away from that whole Myspace/livejournal/emotastic BS era.