Saturday, August 9, 2008

so far so good

One week into this thang and we haven't killed eachother yet :)

Looking at my wedding pictures has made me really resolve to lose some fucking weight.
My god I'm a fatty.
My tits were huge, my arms were fat and jiggly, and I looked like the stay puff marshmellow man in drag.

Time to buckle down and lose this baggage. My doctor is helping me out, she's running blood work
and checking my blood sugar and lipids and all that noise. Then we will sit down and figure out why I'm so fucking fat even tho I dont eat, and I belly dance as much as I can. Thyroid disorder aside since that's under control.

Tired of being a fat ass.
Besides I need to drop some weight so I can have a healthy pregnancy when its time.
I started back on my prenatal vitimins, working on quitting smoking, all that's left is losing some weight.

I start back at work Monday. Woot?
I'm bored out of my skull so it will be nice to be back, working my ass off.


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