Friday, September 5, 2008

it's crazy time.

A lot has happened...

First off, we lost our house. The landlord was foreclosed on so we had to move since we couldn't buy it. We're in the process of moving out right now in fact. We barely have any money to eat, let alone pay bills and we had to pick up and move with our 7 year old... Luckily my best friend, Joyce, is giving us a hand. She and her man will be staying with us a few months too. Which is awesome since we work together anyway and know each other pretty well now.

The other big news is we brought a extra souvenir home from our wedding...
I'm pregnant.
Yah... so much for waiting 6 months or so.
no... I'm 6 weeks pregnant. I know the math seems off.. but they count it from the first day of your last period. Mine was 7/22/08 and our wedding night was 8/02/08 which was like my peak fertile day (yes, im a idiot)... So I'm 6 weeks pregnant.
We haven't told family yet, or our daughter. We're waiting for the first ultrasound on the 11th to make sure everything is okay before we tell people considering my history of miscarriages. I'm already experiencing symptoms i didn't have with Caitlin or any of my other pregnancies. Like... horrible morning sickness... MORNING DAY AND NIGHT sickness. Plus my already huge boobies are even bigger.
It's incredibly frustrating to want sex, but not be able to have it cause your afraid your gunna puke and the slightest brush on your breasts make you want to commit mass murder.

So keep your fingers crossed, ye small number of people who read this. Having a miscarriage right now would probably kill me.

Other then all that and Caitlin being a absolute pain in my ass, things have been good. Mike and I are consistently working our asses off and trying to make ends meet. Dealing with creditors and sharks and the likes has taken a real emotional toll... but we're okay.

I'm off the yell at my daughter for yet another bad behavior note from her teacher.


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