Saturday, October 18, 2008


Had my OB check up this week. I had told her I was worried about the baby because I had the flu and a stomach virus all at once and since I had a temperature i was worried the baby might have been affected. My doc decided to do a ultrasound right away to make sure the baby was ok.

I looked at the screen and saw my baby, laying on it's side and not moving, no heart beat, no sound but my own body static. I started to panic, my heart sank, all I could think was "Here we go, I'm going to lose another baby...." I was just about to ask my daughter to go sit on the other side of the room so she wouldn't see me cry when all of a sudden the baby started flipping it's shit. It started to flail around, flip and bounce and kick and wave it's little arms. It was playing possum and scaring the shit out of Mommy. My doctor commented on how much it was moving, how active it was. So active in fact she couldn't lock onto it's heart to take a measurement. She assured me that it wouldn't be so damn active if it was in any distress at all.

So other then the minor heart attack I had just had... Everything is awesome. Baby is doing fine, active as hell. I'm in my 13th week... Second Trimester ahoy! I can feel little twitters and popcorn popping in my uterus. I know it's not gas, this isn't my first baby. I can feel it. I'm so happy it's healthy.

5 more weeks and we go in again for another appointment and sometime around there we will have an ultrasound. Soon we'll find out if it's a boy or a girl. I'm hoping for a Boy. In fact I've started referring to it as a boy just out of habit.

I'll be leaving Monday afternoon for Tempe Arizona for a corporate type meeting for State Farm. It's kind of a crash course in company history and benefits etc. I'm scared to death of flying but it's only a 45 minute flight so I'll be fine. I stay overnight and come back home the next afternoon.

Other then that it's been sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat, work, sleep.
Getting harder to get comfortable at night due to the enormous breasts and the steadily growing belly. But I'll make it work.

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