Tuesday, November 11, 2008


That is the word of the month. OW!
My belly cramps a lot, and all this stretching and growing has made OW my new favorite word. This baby is going to be huge... I have a feeling.

Funny thing last night:
I was kicked back in the recliner working on the baby's blanket and our tuxedo cat, Pixel, climbed up into my lap. He stretched out over my lower belly and started to purr. Almost immediatley the baby started kicking up a storm. I think he likes the sound of Pixel's purring. I could feel him squirming around and thumping away the louder Pixel got. It cracked me up.

Today is Veterans day. I just want to say, having come from a strong military family, THANK YOU to all our military personel. Thank you for your service, thank you for sticking it out even when you might not have agreed with why you were deployed... Thank you to the folks who stayed state side and took care of the returning wounded (like my dad) and did their jobs with pride, as well as to all our boys and girls serving over seas.
I love you all, and I'm grateful for your service.

I'm off to finish up my work before I go home. The baby is moving around a lot and my belly hurts, but I still have a couple more piles of paperwork to sort through before I head back home.

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