Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Man I'm not so good at this updating thing...

So 2 days before xmas our house was broken into.
Long story short, they took everything of Mike's of value, and completley trashed our house looking for money (that we obviously didn't have). They completley kicked the door in as well.

My co workers at State Farm found out and unknown to me, pooled together to raise money for my family and bought Caitlin presents from Santa. It was amazing and overwhelming. I could not believe people loved us so much. Not to mention my church helped us so much too...

Besides the fear and the security issues that came with the break in, it gave us a amazing gift. It showed us that there are good people out there, and it really restored our faith in humanity. I've never felt so blessed in my life.

I'll try and post more about it when I have a chance.

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