Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Bye 2009! Hello 2010!

2009 was a very trying, yet amazing year for my family.

I met some wonderful people in the cloth diapering and frugal community who have become some of my best friends. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Isabella, in April. Our family has struggled for sure, but I'm eager and hopeful for 2010, and hopefully a better year.

So what will 2010 bring for R&S? More product reviews, hopefully some video demos (still waiting on a certain Hubby of mine to help me), and eventually some of my own products! Thats right, I'm taking the plunge and trying my hand at cloth diapering accessories. Wet bags, cloth wipes, snack bags, and some regular every day items like mama cloth and cloth shopping bags!

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe new years eve celebration and a wonderful and prosperous new year!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bad things happening to good people.

Good Morning!

I wanted to jot a quick blog entry about a wonderful organization called Miracle Diapers. They are a non-profit group that helps struggling families get a start on cloth diapering. They operate mainly through donation and have helped many families out...

Recently they ran into a problem with Fed Ex that has completely zapped their funds. You can read about this horrible screw up here.

They need your help desperately. I know this is the holidays, and times are very rough for many of us, myself included. However, I can't stand the idea of such a wonderful organization losing everything because of some inept and rude people.

Please, click on the above link and read their story, and if you can, donate. Every dollar counts. Or if you prefer, visit their online store and purchase a product. All the money from these purchases are going straight to helping them get back on their feet again.

Thank you... I know my readers are amazing, kind, and generous people and that if you can help, you will. If you can't donate or buy, please spread the word.

Much Love,


Monday, December 7, 2009

update on Cow Patties Diapers

I just wanted to let you guys knows that I did in fact use the Famous Pocket Fitted overnight with amazing results.

Izzy slept for almost 7 hours without a single leak. I was blown away when I took her soaker off and found the fitted bone dry!!! The liner was very damp, but not the shell itself which is amazing. When I pulled the liner out it weighed a ton and was obviously well soaked during the night, but something about the way her insert is designed managed to wick away all wetness from my baby's skin. I am in love.

As soon as I have a chance, I am replacing my entire stash with these diapers. Honestly, I love my BSRB's, I really do... but I can't beat 14$ for a diaper that has not failed me once, and fits so well, absorbs like a dream, and still is cute and soft!

Don't worry, I'll still be reviewing lots of new products as they come in to me, I just will be using these as my personal stash forever and ever :P

Thank you guys so much for reading this blog and for supporting the WAHM's and products we feature here. Especially now in such hard time, it means a lot to me to hear that just featuring a WAHM's diaper on this blog got them a little extra business.

Also, I'm open to video suggestions. I keep meaning to post a prefold demo video, but my husband has been working pretty much nonstop and isn't available to help me record a demo video. I think I might have to enlist the help of my 9 year old, Caitlin, to get it done.

I hope everyone has a very lovely holiday season and a prosperous new year.
Much Love,

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spotlight WAHM: Meg from Cow Patties Diapers

So I've decided to do a little something special on Rambles & Shambles. Every month I'm going to feature a WAHM and her products. I know a lot of wonderful and talented Moms out there who make some amazing products that are as good, if not better, then the mass produced diapers of today.

This month (I know, it's a short notice kinda post) I'm featuring a wonderful mama named Megan. Megan is the mastermind behind Cow Patties Cloth Diapers. She has 3 children and came up with the idea to make her own diapers 2.5 years ago while on the hunt for cloth diapers for her oldest. Seeing that there wasn't much of a selection of cute, absorbent cloth diapers for people on a tight budget. Megan makes all in ones, pockets, covers, and many more cute, stylish and affordable diapers. I'm going to review her Famous Pocket Fitted.

From Cloth diapering

This diaper is made of two full body layers of bamboo fleece, then a cotton knit full body layer. The insert is a long bamboo fleece 2 layer insert that no matter how it's folded it makes 8 layers:
From Cloth diapering

I LOVE the way the insert is made because it allows me to fold it thicker in the front for my heavy wetting, tummy sleeping little girl.

The thing that sets these fitteds apart for the rest is the fact it's a pocket too! The insert goes in the front of the diaper rather then the back:
From Cloth diapering

I love how buttery soft the bamboo fleece washes up, and the fact that these are sized diapers gives me a optimal fit on my long, lanky Izzy:
From Cloth diapering

The leg openings are snug, but not super tight and I've had NO gaps whatsoever:
From Cloth diapering

Izzy certainly approves of her new, soft, trim pocket fitted:
From Cloth diapering

Now for the demo deets...
Hold onto your seats people...
I love this diaper more than my BSRBS. Yup. You heard me.
Not only are they more affordable ($14.00 a piece), they are softer, stretchier, and more absorbent. When I get a new product to demo, I prep it and then put it on Izzy and see how long we go without a leak (barring she has no rash and no poopy). Izzy went 3.5 hours with no leaks, no dampness, before I decided I'd better changer her and check this diaper out. The insert had wicked ALL the moisture away from Izzy and yet the diaper itself was bone dry. The insert was damp, but not soaked. I was shocked! I've never had a fitted diaper go this long without a cover and no leaks!I could have gone much much longer too. Even my BSRB's get damp after 2 or 3 hours. Not so with Cow Patties Famous Pocket Fitted Diapers.
With all this in mind, I am currently in the process of buying more Cow Patties Famous Pocket Fitted Diapers to replace pretty much every other fitted I own... They are THAT good.
I highly recommend these diapers and I suggest you check out her website and order your famous pocket fitted today!

From Cloth diapering

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Teeth for Joey

A good friend of mine in the cloth diaper community has a young brother named Joey who could use our help.

Here is a word from his big sister Bonnie:
"Joey just turned 13 in May. He was hit while crossing the street on his dirt bike. The young girl that hit him was doing 45 miles an hour in a 30 mph zone, ran a stop sign and was driving on the wrong side of the road. Since Florida is a no fault state, and Joey was not 16, and obviously didn't have a driver's license, the girl that hit him is getting off scott-free. She's not recieving so much as a ticket for any of the moving violations.

From being hit, Joey is lucky to be alive. The only thing that saved his life is his helmet. The injuries from the accident are brutal. He has a broken arm, both legs are broken, his hips are broken in 8 different places, and most of his top teeth are missing on the left side of his mouth. My mom doesn't have dental insurance to cover the cost of him getting new teeth. Medicaid is paying his medical bills from the accident, and for one cleaning on the teeth he has left.

He loves being outside and he's so upset that he can't just get up and go outside and play. He's always been a pretty active kid.

The donation to the church that is doing the fundraiser will be matching dollar for dollar what comes to them to help fix Joey's teeth, and they'll be doing the fundraiser until all his teeth are fixed."

This is a recent photo of Joey:
From Stuff

It sucks that this kid has to suffer so much. What 13 year old doesn't like to chow down? Joey's missing half his teeth, which aside from being embarrassing, makes it difficult to eat like he used to, not to mention all his OTHER horrific injuries.

If you would like to make a donation, you can send it to:

Melbourne Community Church

4940 Stack Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32901

Lets help Joey get some new chompers!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bid for the Berkys

My friends on made me aware of a charity auction to benefit the family of a fallen soldier.

Taken from the auction website:
"On September 12th, 2009, the world lost a hero.

Bryan Berky, a United States Air Force Staff Sergeant, was killed while serving his country in Afghanistan. He leaves behind his wife Erin and their son, Harrison, both of whom we want to help however we can. 100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to Erin and Harrison to help them through this decidedly difficult time.

We appreciate everyone's support in this effort! "

Since Novemeber is National Military Family Appreciation Month, I'd like to feature this auction on my blog, if only by post. I encourage you all to visit Bid for the Berkys on November 11th, 2009 and make a bid or a monetary donation to help this family.

Even if you don't support the war, please support this family. Erin and Bryan have a very young son who will never know his father past infancy, and Erin has so much to deal with in the wake of her husband's passing... lets help bring a little compassion into her life and help this family out.

I'll be reviewing some WAHM products next week :) I am back from vacation finally :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ello Poppets!

Just a quick note to let you guys know I will be away for about 2 weeks.
My mother is coming into town from Alaska in the morning and it's been about 3 or 4 years since I've seen her last. She wasn't able to be here for my wedding or to see Izzy be born, so I'm going to spend as much time with her as possible.
Since my husband will not let us move back home, and money being what it is, this may be the last time I see my mom for a very, very, very long time.
So there will be no updates for 2 weeks. I'm very sorry. I plan on getting a few diapers though while she is here. USA baby carried BumGenius, Bambino Mio and Kushies, so I'm going to check them out. I won't use Kushies probably, since I've heard bad reviews... but I'm curious to see these Bambino Mio's and I do need a few more BG's. This is one of the ONLY shops in Vegas to sell cloth diapers of any kind so I'm going to lobby the hell out of them to sell some more types :p

Also, my friend Daniella is graciously lending me her sewing machine. So I'm going to try my hand at a few cloth diaper accessories, mama cloth, and soakers as well as plush baby toys. I'm pretty excited and when I actually get started I will post about it for sure. If it works out and I'm any good at it I will start selling them. I wanted to learn to knit so I could make some of those beautiful longies/woolies i see on but uh... I have no time lol. Maybe one day.

Until then, take care of each other, and don't hesitate to leave me feedback via comments. If you have ideas, diapers you want to see me demo, or are a WAHM who would like her product demoed on this website you can leave a comment here or email me directly @

Peace and Love to you all!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BuBu BeBe One Size Diaper

I recently aquired a Bubu Bebe one size diaper, or B4 for short, from my friend Jessica. I've been meaning to throw up a quick review/demo on it so here goes:

As always, our lovely Izzy will be modeling this dipe:
From Cloth diapering

This diaper is like a cross between a BSRB and a Good Mama. It's got a variety of outer shells, from a cotton knit, bamboo velour or minkee. Sandwiched inside is a hidden layer of hemp and/or bamboo fleece:
From Cloth diapering

The multi-size you can snap down for a newborn, much like a BumGenius:
From Cloth diapering

It also has a row across the top that you can fold down like you would on a Good Mama diaper
Now what makes the B4 unique is the system of "snap as you grow" soakers. Each soaker is made up of 2 layers of bamboo or hemp fleece and one layer of bamboo or cotton velour. They wash up really well and dry very quickly. There are three soakers. A newborn, a medium size and a large. You can customize the level of protection you want by snapping them all together. It's /very/ nice:
From Cloth diapering

For Izzy, I folded down the rise and snapped across. The material is sooo soft:
From Cloth diapering

And we got a GREAT fit around the legs, no gaps at all:
From Cloth diapering

I am VERY impressed with this diaper. I love the softness and the ability to be able to customize the absorbency almost like a pocket diaper. Speaking of absorbency, I would rank these as high as a BSRB if not higher. Yes... you all know I love my BSRB's but these are a very, very close second. They fit well, they aren't to bulky, and MAN do they hold up well overnight.

Every stash should include a Bubu Bebe Diaper

Thank you so much, Jessica, for sending me this awesome diaper.

From Cloth diapering

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wow, That was fun.

We had so much fun, Jen and I, doing the fleece cover giveaway. I hope to do another one soon. You guys are all awesome and I wish I could have given one to everybody who participated.

I am sorry things have been slow here on R&S. We've moved into the joys of teething at our house. We have all just gotten over a virus, and now Izzy is gnashing, crying, drooling, and just a mess in general.

I need to update with a Bubu Bebe diaper review, a Good Mama Good Nights review, and start working on incorporating some other baby related goodness that comes along with frugal living. We've been making our own baby food since Izzy was a few months old, so I'd like to post some how to's and recipes. I'm also going to be reviewing some cloth diaper safe laundry detergents. I'm testing a few out right now. I also need to get a few more how to videos up.

If there is anything in particular that you guys would like to see, or if you want me to demo your product here, please shoot me a email to

Happy Fluff :)


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And the Winners ARE!

#38 Melissa
#104 Danielle

Unfortunately I can't click on either of your profiles to contact you personally but here are the winning comments:
#38 (skipped 19 cause it was annon)
Melissa said...
I follow your blog.

September 16, 2009 6:22 AM

and # 104:
Danielle said...
And follow through bloglines. Does that count?

September 22, 2009 1:05 PM

You lovely ladies contact Jen at winkydinks to get started on your custom creations!

Thank you all for participating and hopefully we will have another giveaway soon!

Friday, September 25, 2009

One More!

One more entry in our fleece giveaway and we'll be choosing a additional winner!
That's 2 winners folks, 2 custom fleece soakers to be won.
spread the word!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Keep those entries coming!
Jen and I are so excited to see all the new faces and can't wait to give away the prize!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

R&S and winkydinks giveaway!

From random junk

Hello my faithful readers!

How would you like to win a custom fleece soaker from Jen at winkydinks?
From Cloth diapering

Jen and I are doing our first ever Cloth Diaper giveaway!
Enter to win one custom soaker, any size, any color Jen has available (you can see those Here, and with a sewn in doubler if you want! Also the winner gets free shipping (of course) to anywhere in the US & Canada!

Here's the deets:

You get one entry per person by just leaving a comment telling me why you like using fleece soakers.
You can get additional entries (1 per person) by doing the following:
1) Following my Blog
2)Becoming a fan of winkydinks on Facebook
3) Marking winkydinks as a favorite shop on Etsy
Just simply leave a comment for each of those, and of course your comment on why you like fleece, and you'll have 4 entries!

We will announce our winner on September 30th, at 8pm Central.

Also, just to up the ante, if we get over 125 entries, Jen will do not one, but TWO custom fleece soakers! Which means 2 winners will be selected!

Get those entries in folks. Remember to post a comment for each qualifying entry, put only one per person :)and don't forget to post a comment if you follow my blog, a comment if you fanned winkydinks and a comment if you favorited her shop on etsy. Each person should have 4 entries/comment :)

From Cloth diapering

The winner will be announced on the blog on September 30th, at 8pm Central. So make sure you check back :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Little Fancy Pants review and blog update

Here's a short and sweet review to tide you guys over for a few days. I'm sorry I've been slacking. Things have been crazy around my house.
Also, I went ahead and created a separate video channel for the blog to feature Cloth Diaper demonstrations. That way you guys can just watch specific videos rather than all my silly Izzy videos :P

I recently purchased a fitted diaper from Little Fancy Pants out of curiosity. I'm always looking for new kinds of fitted diapers and I had heard that these were worth a try. This particular diaper I purchased is a one size, bamboo/cotton fleece fitted diaper with a snap fit rise and a snap in soaker. It is almost like a combination of a Good Mama and a BSRB. They also make a one size without snaps that you can secure with a snappi or pins... but I wanted to try a snap version
There are some very cute prints and this is the one I chose:
From Cloth diapering

The outside is a 100% jersey cotton knit print, and the inside the diaper (the guts is you will) are bamboo and organic cotton fleece. The lining of the diaper is made from a cotton and polyester blend velour. As you can see, the snapping is very close to a Good Mama diaper, and the soaker snaps into the back of the diaper:
From Cloth diapering

To adjust the rise you simply fold it down and snap as you please. I should note, that you don't have to snap the same on both side. I'm very anal and like to snap exactly the same on both. If I snap 2 snaps in on the left, I'll do the same on the right. But you don't HAVE to, just snap wherever you get a good fit:
From Cloth diapering

Folding down the rise, the wings were still pretty high, which I liked:
From Cloth diapering

The material is soft, and so are the leg gussets. No red marks here, which I find I get sometime with a pocket diaper or all in ones that have the waterproof shell:
From Cloth diapering

There was quite a bit of extra fabric on the booty. Izzy had a very fluffy butt. Sorry for the blurry pic, but the kid was movin a LOT:
From Cloth diapering

However, Fluffy butts are cute, so I didn't mind:
From Cloth diapering

I really like the cut and style of this diaper. The fabrics used are very soft, and the diaper itself is pretty well constructed. I washed it a few times and no pilling or stray threads so far.

Now, as far as absorbency, I'm sad to say this diaper didn't hold up so well. After washing a few times to break it in, I still had leaks and soak through with her wool and fleece covers after just one pee. I found myself having to change it right away, and unlike my BSRB or Good Mama diapers, I could not leave her without a cover... The diaper itself is a little thin, and the soakers just aren't beefy enough to hold up to even a moderate soaker, let alone a super soaker. I love, love, love everything else about the diaper though. The colors, the softness, the design, the fact it doesn't leave marks on my baby... but for $2 more dollars I can get more absorbent fitted diaper.
I am, however, interested to try one of Little Fancy Pant's All Nighter's because it has a lot more absorbent material and I'm always on the look out for a good absorbent night time diaper.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We have a surprise coming this week, a review of Bubu Bebe fitted diaper that was generously gifted to me by a fellow cloth diaper mama, Jessica.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Cloth diapering parents are some of the nicest people I know. Seriously.

I'm part of a group over on and I vented my frustrations about the economy, not having enough money for rent and our bills, and how I would have to sell a big chunk of my diaper stash to be able to pay some bills and buy formula next week. Fully intended to just vent, get it off my chest, and move on.

I was totally moved by the outpouring of offers to send diapers, coupons, gas cards anything these ladies could do to help us out. I feel so blessed to have made such wonderful friends as these... These ladies are so sweet and kind, half of them in the same position financially as I am, and still wanting to lend a hand. I feel like they are my Angels.

It really is a amazing thing that a bunch of like minded women (and a few dudes :p )who share a hobby and a passion, are so willing to help each other out. Really awesome. Just goes to show you, with all the horrible things we see on the news, that people /are/ good at heart and capable of so much compassion and warmth.

Thank you, everybody who has offered to help us out through this difficult time. I appreciate the thought so much. We will be okay and we'll pull through this little dip in the road like we always do. If you still feel the need to help /somebody/ how about your local women's shelter or domestic violence shelter? They are always looking for simple things like toiletries, socks and undies, baby clothes and toys, even your unused coupons! There are a lot of people who are a lot worse off than you and I right now that could use a little love and understanding.

The Lord has truly blessed me with a wonderful, hard working husband, 2 beautiful little girls, and a sea of amazing friends (some of who I've yet to meet). I can't help but feel very, very lucky.

From More Bella

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

new look. for now

Trying to figure out why my old template went wonky on me.
Until I fix it, I'll just be using one of the original Blogspot templates.
Sorry for the blah.

Also I added a link to my videos on youtube. I might end up making a separate channel just for CD's but until then you'll have to suffer through my baby's home movies and my baby voice (it's hideous, i know...)

Video by Request

I've been getting a lot of requests to show how I get my BSRB's on so tight and how I keep them from linking. With the help of my lovely husband, we shot a quick video. Turn your sound up for the first part, he is a giant and was far far away.
Basically I pull the wings up and out then in as tight as I can, then do the same on the other side. I pull them REALLY tight, almost to tight, but the fabric relaxes when you pin it. Also, pulling the center of the diaper up tight helps a LOT.

If you want to see any more demonstration videos, leave me a comment of what type of diaper/prefold/cover/pin you wanna see and I'll do my best to get it up here.
It goes without saying, but all videos and photos on my blog should not be reused or taken without my permission, but I gotta say it cause some people just suck.

I <3 my new Fleece Soaker!!!

From Cloth diapering

When most people think about diaper covers, they think about those nasty, stiff, plastic pants that look like rainproof undies. Not anymore. Today's cloth diapering mama has many options for covering their little ones precious bums. Wool, Fleece, PUL covers... I much prefer wool and fleece, simply for their versatility and water resistance. I adore wool soakers, but thats another post all together.

Today we're going to be talking about fleece soakers. I recently received a custom fleece soaker from Jen at winkydinks. She makes both 100% recycled wool soakers as well as fleece. The nice thing about fleece is that it needs no special care as far as lanolizing or hanging to dry. When it's soiled, you just toss it inside out in your regular laundry. You can even use a dryer sheet with fleece, which can boost the water repellent properties of your soaker. Just don't get use dryer sheets with your cloth diapers because it can ruin their absorbency. Fleece, however, does not carry the same anti-bacterial qualities as a wool soaker... So it will need to be washed more often. Fleece can also "compression wick". This doesn't mean that it leaks, it just may feel damp if you baby has been sitting on it with a wet diaper inside. Depending on the type of fleece you get and the absorbency of the diaper beneath it, fleece covers can last you quite a long time in between changes. With my winkydinks fleece soaker, I've had no leaks, not even during nap time!
Here is my beautiful custom fleece soaker:
From Cloth diapering

Jen sewed a extra doubler inside for a little extra protection:
From Cloth diapering

Here is our half awake monster baby, Isabella, in a regular pinned prefold:
From Cloth diapering

And here is the soaker on the baby. It fits her just right:
From Cloth diapering

Some people will need to size up with fleece covers, as they don't have as much of a stretch to them as, say, your average wool soaker. Izzy is sized more for a small, but the medium soaker fits her almost snugly over a fitted bamboo diaper, so I'm glad I sized up. You can also ask for a longer rise, which is nice for some babies depending on the shape of their bodies. Izzy is on the skinny side with very narrow hips and very little thigh chub, so the Medium fits her 13lb frame just right.

At around 7$ to 12$ a piece, these fleece soakers are a steal. I definitely would recommend these soakers to any Cloth Diapering Mama or Papa (can't forget the dad's) and especially for those who really want to get into fitteds/prefolds and covers, but don't want to pay to much for a wool soaker...(pssst,did I mention winkydinks also makes 100% recycled wool soakers and longies for around the same prices?)

Also coming this week we'll be looking at wool soakers from winkydinks and a fitted bamboo diaper with snaps from Little Fancy Pants and BubuBebe

Tomorrow is Thursday! Don't forget to put on your Stalking Hats and head over to Bagshot Row Bamboo's Hyena Cart at 6pm EST

Happy Hunting and God Bless!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates this week. We have a sick Miss. Izzy and Miss. Caitlin and now Mommy is sick. So give us a few more days to get back on our feet and I'll post some more cd goodness.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fuzzibunz for everyone

Time for a much overdue review on one of my very favorite pocket diapers.

Fuzzibunz was created out of need by a young mother of 3 named Tereson Dupuy. She, like so many cloth diaper makers out there, created a cloth pocket diaper to try and combat her son's diaper rash. The result has become a big favorite with many cloth diapering moms.

Fuzzibunz comes in a One Size fits all pocket diaper, or in a sized version that ranges from a extra small (fits 4-12lbs) to a extra large (fits 45lbs and up). All the diapers are snap secured, rather than velcro, so you won't have to worry about pilling or curling tabs.

The one size version is amazingly customizable and fits most babies from 7lbs to 35lbs. Instead of snapping down the rise, everything adjusts by way of elastic bands in the legs and waist. I don't have any pictures of them because I no longer have this particular diaper... but you can find a picture on Nicki's Diapers that shows the elastics. Basically it's like the elastic adjustable waist you find in small children's pants. You pull the elastic to it's desired length and secure it on a button. This allows you to get the very best fit instead of a predetermined fit by the manufacture. The one size version CAN be a little bulky in the booty. However, who doesn't love a nice fluffy bottom?
My friend, Bonnie, was kind enough to provide a few pictures of her handsome 2 year old son Noah to demonstrate how awesome the One Size version fits:
From Cloth diapering

Here's a close up and you can see the hip snaps as well as the row across the waist:
From Cloth diapering

Here you can see how the leg gussets hug Noah's thighs and help prevent leaks. And like I said before, who can resist a Fluffy Butt?
From Cloth diapering

Even sitting down with his legs at a angle, Noah has no gaps in his leg gussets. No leaks for Mama:
From Cloth diapering

My favorite so far has been the sized version. Here is Izzy in a size small. She's 13lbs and she can still wear it snapped all the way on the smallest setting, but I give her a little bit of wiggle room by leaving her snapped on a larger setting:
From Cloth diapering

One of the things that makes Fuzzi Bunz diapers a good fit, is the row of snaps along the hip line. So you can bring the hips in tighter to ensure a nice snug fit on the thighs:
From Cloth diapering

Fuzzi Bunz are lined with fleece, to help wick away moisture and prevent rashes. The inserts are super absorbent and so soft that I couldn't resist rubbing it against my cheek fresh out of the package. There is a nice wide slot to stuff the insert in so there is no need to pull it out before washing, it should come out on it's own:
From Cloth diapering

Don't be fooled by the wide mouth, when it's fastened on your baby the opening will be tucked under and hidden under the waist gusset.

I find these diapers pretty comparable to Bum Genius Diapers and at $18.95 for a One Size and $16.95-$17.95 for the Perfect Sized version, the are fairly affordable for a beginning cloth diaper Mama or those on a budget.While the elastics on the One Size version can take some trial and error to get the best fit for your little one, once you get it, the fit can't be beat.
The waterproof outer layer is soft, but durable. The snaps a steadfast and the company promises 3 years with no snap breakage, and should you elastics break, they can be replaced in under 10 minutes easily.

I really like my Fuzzi Bunz a lot and I'm hoping you will too! Most cloth diaper sites carry them and now you can even find them at

Cloth Diapers are certainly becoming mainstream when you can find them at Target ;)

Next week I'll be doing a review on a few kinds of covers, including woolies and fleece.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Woot Woot

I got new fleece soakers to review this week as well as a Fuzzibunz review featuring our first little man model, Noah.

I'm also working on something big. I'll get into it more later but I want to try and keep it under wraps so nobody can take my idea and run with it. Cause it's pretty revolutionary and awesome and I don't think it's anything thats been done recently. So it's hush hush until I get the first half of it done, then I'll share with you guys.

I also want to assure my readers that I will keep this blog going. No matter what.
I started it for my fellow cloth diapering folk. The confused first timers, to the seasoned pros.... I do this for you guys. Not for money, or notoriety, or anything else. Just to be a resource and a helping hand.

I can't wait to share with you all what I'm working on. It's big and I'm very excited.

Stay tuned for some reviews this week and a special announcement mid September.

* let me add too, that the more cloth diapering websites out there, the better. Raising awareness about the cloth diapering world is really important to me. So I wish any other mom's out there with sites and blogs the best of luck! For the CD Bloggers out there, you should join Cloth Diapering Bloggers
They have a lot to offer and are a good source of information.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm on a roll tonight

This not sleeping thing has benefits.

I wanted to post about detergents for cloth diapering. It's very important to avoid detergents that contain brighteners, whiteners, bleach, enzymes or any such "enchancements". These things can cause soap residue to build up, compound ammonia smell, and cause your diapers to repel wetness rather than absorb them...

So which detergents are safe?

Pinstripes and Polkadots has a really good list of good and bad detergents and at the very bottom explains why some cause issues with cloth diapers. What might be a major problem for a prefold, could be even worse for your pockets. Check out the link above!

(ps. I use Liquid Planet. I love it, it works great, and it's for both standard and HE machines!)

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pinning a Prefold

Lots of people ask me if I prefer snappi's or pins when it comes to securing my diapers. I feel that Snappi's can be wonderful for prefolds, but I've had them pop off and cut my daughter before. It may be the way she moves, it could be user error.
Whatever the case my be, I kick it old school with my pins.

You can buy safe, locking head pins at your local Walmart, or most major online diaper stores. I bought mine from Walmart. In this pictorial step by step, I'm using a rather large prefold on Izzy. I ordered the wrong kind when I was pregnant. Since we live as frugal as we can, I'm going to continue to use these, until she grows out of them.

Now most people don't even bother with pinning. You can simply fold the prefold in thirds and lay it inside the diaper cover. But if you're using a pull up cover like a woolie or a fleece soaker, it's better to fold and pin.

For this demonstration I will be doing the Jelly Roll fold.

First I lay the prefold flat and place Izzy on top. For a normal prefold you'd want to line the back edge up with your child's belly button... But since these are freaking HUUUUGE, I'm going a bit higher:
From Cloth diapering

From Cloth diapering

Told you they were long...
Now to do a Jelly Roll you simply roll the sides in like so:
From Cloth diapering

This fold is great for containing even the nastiest of blow outs.
Next, we pull the rolls up the middle of baby:
From Cloth diapering

Now because this is such a huge/long prefold, I simply fold the top under like this:
From Cloth diapering

Next, using one hand hold the middle section flat while you bring up the wing from the side. Pull it as tight as you can get it (don't worry it will relax later)and overlap it over the middle portion like so:
From Cloth diapering

Be sure to keep your fingers between the diaper and your babies skin, because this is the point we will insert your locking head diaper pin. Insert the pin at a diagonal, pointing towards the hip. If you have a squirmy baby, be mindful of his flailing hands:
From Cloth diapering

Lock your pin and move to the other side. Repeat the process by holding the middle portion flush to the hip and pulling the side wing up and over as tight as you can. Then pin. It should look something like this:
From Cloth diapering

Mind you, with a smaller prefold it will be more even and much less bulky. This is just... huge...
The Jelly Roll is pretty snug on the side of babies leg, giving you a nice rolled "gusset" to protect from any sneaky poo that might try to get onto your precious woolies ;)
From Cloth diapering

As you can see, you can never pull the prefold tight enough. The fabric WILL relax, so you will /not/ hurt your little one:
From Cloth diapering

Note the happy model ;)
From Cloth diapering

Now that you've got your prefold pinned, you can either place a wrap style diaper cover such as a Thirsties or a wool or fleece soaker such as this one we purchased from Bellies, Babies 'n More. It's one of my favorites.

From Cloth diapering

This soaker is also a weeeeee bit big on our little Izzy, as you can tell in the legs, but if you have a nice tight Jelly Roll, there will be no leaks. I haven't had any.

So that's the basic pinning of a prefold.
I love the Jelly roll best because, as I said, it really holds in the poop. There are also many other ways to fold a prefold. The Diaper Hyena has some good examples of other folds to try.

Happy Pinning!