Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I do this every year, but this year is more important than ever.
Things I want to accomplish this year:

1) Cut waaaaaay back on the cursing. I curse way to much, especially at work.

2) Continue to NOT SMOKE. I had to quit cause I got pregnant. Hopefully I can stay quit and not use stress as a excuse to start again.

3) Lose weight. I was starting to make a dent until I got pregnant with Isabella. As soon as the doctor releases me to go back to work and work out after she's born, I'm going to dive right into it. My family has a history of obesity and several health problems that stack onto being a lard ass. Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, etc. I will not have a heart attack @ 40 years old because my fat ass is to lazy to get out and go for a walk or put down the McDonalds.

4) Do my best to keep a cleaner house. I really need to try and keep an eye on this mess. I don't want to let the carpets get bad or the dust bunnies to pile up. Every Saturday I will take the time to dust, sweep, mop or whatever I can do to pick up a bit. Caitlin will help me since she's plenty old enough to do chores around the house.

5) Start cooking real meals. We eat out to much. I need to start trying to cook wholesome, healthy meals for my family. Especially considering my husband works 12 to 16 hour days and he doesn't always get all the good foods he needs....

6) Spend more time with my kids. Caitlin doesn't get hugged enough, not enough kisses and love. Mike and I aren't huggy feely people and I think she suffers a bit for that. She's a very loving child and man is she talkative. With a little patience I can spend a lot more time with her and be more affectionate with her than I have been. Especially with this baby coming, I don't want her to feel replaced or second fiddle... Especially since I know Mike will be more attached to the baby being as it's his first biologial child. She'll need a lot of reasurrance that we don't love the baby more than her...

7) SERIOUSLY consider school and insurance education classes. If I'm going to stick with this company, I need to give myself a edge... Plus I want to get a degree so that one day I can be the bread winner and mike can stay home with the kids.

8) Be more organized. Which ties in to keeping a cleaner house, but hells bells every person in this house has a bad habit of leaving stuff laying a bout. I need to develop a system to keeping the house in order and reduce all the clutter.

9) Make time for Mike and I as a couple. Between work, the kids, the house and the stress latley, we barely get to spend any real time together, let alone have any kind of a sex life. I want to make sure we get out for a date night AT least once or twice a month for us to have dinner alone, maybe a movie or a concert. I'll keep money in our savings account just for this reason. I'll do my best to communicate better with him, show him how much I love and appreciate him, and stregthen our marriage and our relationship that started out as two 17 year old kids all those years ago...

Honestly thats about it.... The core things that are the most important to me.
The last year has been extremley trying, with drama, hard luck and tears. This year will be better, it is what we make it. I will do my best to make it the best year I've had in a long time...

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