Sunday, February 8, 2009

I really should be sleeping

I'm just to tired to sleep.
That sounds ridiculous but it's true lol.

The baby is doing well. She's growing and moving and groovin in there as we speak. I feel like a fat cow, however. She's so darn low that I feel like I've been riding a horse every day. My back and my hips hurt and my belly is so huge and sore. I have to be really careful when I move in bed or get up because it feels like my belly is ripping inside when I move to fast.

Life is okay right now. Steve Wynn cut everybody's pay by 10-15% at Wynn and Encore. That puts Mike and I in a tough spot. I'm going to have to quit my job and stay home with the girls. To have them both in daycare means my entire salary. So we're going to try having me stay home with them, maybe picking up a night job, to save money.

I've been researching money saving tips, bugging my mom for recipies, cutting back on luxeries we don't need. I've also decided to use cloth diapers and breastfeed Isabella when she's born. Cloth diapers are not that much different than disposable, just have to wash them... and I breastfed Caitlin her first 3 or 4 months. I want to try to do it longer with Isabella if she'll latch on.

I'm also going to kick my own ass into losing weight after she's born and the dr. clears me back to normal physical activity. The breastfeeding will help, and so will the frugal living. I'm going to be cooking dinner everyday for Mike and I and the kids so I'll be able to really watch what we eat. We won't be going out to dinner anymore and I'll be walking Caitlin to and from school every day. So I should be able to lose all the baby weight and start trimming down the fat I had before.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to pull off this stay at home mom thing. I'm hoping I'll be able to have dinner on the table for my husband and kids every night and have the house clean. Not that I want to be some 50's housewife or anything... but since Mike has to work all day I should be able to take care of the home front right?

Anyhow, off to bed with me. I'm soooo tired and I need to get up early enough to take my meds and make breakfast for me and bug. No more getting coffee out at the shop. Trying to make coffee at home and eat at home as much as possible to save money.

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