Monday, March 16, 2009

34 weeks. Crazy...

Well, we're in the final home stretch it seems.

We had some complications a few weeks ago. My amniotic fluid dropped really low for some reason and they put me on bed rest and extra fluids. It seemed to help because as of last Thursday my fluid level is back to normal. They are still seeing me twice a week for ultrasounds and fetal monitoring. I have a appointment today @ 2pm.

As much as I hate going in to the doctor so much, I do really enjoy seeing her on the ultrasound twice a week. It gives me some peace to know she's doing okay.

On the home front, things are getting better little by little. Mike is still as stressed as ever, but he's managing it better. Out daughter is slowly starting to improve in school. We are having her evaluated for ADD/ADHD. She's pretty much the poster child for it, and it would explain all the horrible behavior and crazy mood swings. We're hoping things work out and between medication, more structure, and me staying home with her and her sister... things will be better for the next school year.

I have 2 baby showers this weekend. My coworkers are throwing me a shower at my friend Joyce's house, and my friend Clarice is throwing a small one for family and a few friends at a Italian restaurant. We are pretty much set for Isabella's arrival now. I'm waiting on a few more cloth diapers to get here, but other than that all we need now is the baby :D

That's pretty much all I can think of as far as a update right now.
I will try and post more when I'm not brain dead.

Namaste and love.

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