Friday, June 19, 2009

Adventures in Cloth Diapering

People who know me well, know I hate fuss and having to take extra steps for anything. I look for short cuts as much as possible. A lot of people were surprised I chose to cloth diaper. I won't go on a huge rant about it. I've already said how much you can save, how it's better for your baby's skin etc..

I just wanted to share something cool I bought ;)

So when your baby is exclusively breast fed, you can just toss poopy diapers in the washer because it is water soluble. However Izzy is on formula now and her poop needs to be dumped off the diaper. Well, in the old days, mom's would dunk the poopy diaper in the toilet to get the poop off before washing them. Now you don't have to. There are a few ways to do it now.

You can use these soft paper liners in your diaper that can be flushed. So it catches the poop and you just chuck it in the toilet.

Also some cloth diapers have a fleece lining that poops doesn't stick to well, and once your baby starts solids, it will just roll off into the toilet.

Now my baby is still young, 2 months to be exact. So her poop is like freakin peanut butter. So I can either use a liner OR I can use this lovely product:

From Cloth diapering

It took me 2 minutes to install... Basically it's a sprayer that you hook up to your toilet line and it can wall mount or tank mount. You can set it on high pressure to blast the poop off into the toilet OR you can set it on gentle and use it for feminine hygiene (or so the package says... lol)...

I had heard all the mom's on the baby boards I frequent talking about how I MUST have this thing. So I went on and grabbed one. Since they are in the same state as me it was here the next day and I got to try it this morning when Izzy woke me up at 2:38AM (every night like clockwork) for a butt check. Sure enough she was poopy. So I changed her, put her back in the crib and went and tried the sprayer. It worked GREAAAAAT. I blasted all the nasty, sticky, evil baby poo into the toilet and tossed the diaper in the pail. I don't know how I did without this thing.

Anywho, I'm exhausted from no sleep, Izzy is cranky, and there is coffee to be drank. I'll post more later on the whole crack addict aspect of cloth diapering... like when my husband looks at me like I'm insane for wanting to order another cloth diaper with a cute print when we already have plenty.

It's a addiction. I swear.

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