Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cleared for Active Duty lol

Well! My 6 week postpartum appointment has come and gone. I am now cleared to resume my normal activities. I can't wait.
I plan on throwing myself back into fitness, with a vengeance.

I have lost all the weight from my pregnancy, but I was a fat ass before I got pregnant so I still have quite a bit to loose now.

I walk every afternoon 1.6 miles to pick up my daughter from school. There is a amazing park just behind the school... I'm thinking of walking there twice a week or more since her last day of school in Friday. Other ideas include going back to belly dancing, and trying to do sit ups and stuff while the baby sleeps.

The hard part is the diet... We aren't very financially stable. I can't afford fruits and veggies very often. Our meals consist of cheap, boxed items. We do cut back on calories when we can. For example we use ground turkey instead of beef, light mayo, light sour cream etc. But honestly it's not enough. I need to find a way to supplement my diet with healthy foods that won't break our budget.

Plus, I'm on Depo now for birth control and that WILL make me gain weight. So I really really need to be extra careful.

I'll do my best. I really wanna make this work.

Anywho.. bed time for me. Bella is finally sleeping (colic has made life suck). I got my Moby Wrap in the mail and it's like instant sleeping baby... I put her in it and she's out like a light.

Better take advantage.

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