Saturday, June 20, 2009

Laundry Day lol

Here's a small glimpse into my cloth diaper laundry routine.

I wash my cloth diapers every other day. I have 17 Pocket Diapers and a bunch of prefolds and covers. So Izzy wears the pocket diapers all day and on laundry day she's in prefolds while I wash everything. I could even go longer, maybe every 2 days, but after I'm done with my chores and cleaning I have nothing better to do so I might as well wash some laundry ;)

Here's how I usually do it.
When I change her, I have 2 pails I put stuff in. One is for the pocket diapers and covers, the other is the inserts and prefolds. That was I don't have to worry about the velcro on the pockets getting messed up.

I'll throw Izzy in a prefold with a Thirstie's Cover and then do a load of pockets (mostly BumGenius 3.0's but there are a couple Mommy's Touch and Happy Heiny's in there). I wash them on cold with no detergent once, then hot with detergent, then throw in a extra cold rinse. After thats done, I hang dry them on a cheap little sweater drying rack I got at walmart, and put them outside in my back yard in the sun. They dry within like a hour usually due to the Vegas heat.

While those are drying I throw in my inserts and prefolds and do the exact same thing with them except I dry those in the dryer on low.

All in all it's easy and fast and doesn't interfere with my day. I get a ton of stuff done while I'm doing the diapers. Plus the washing machine helps lull the crabby baby to sleep so maybe I can take a nap too lol.

I plan on getting some more diapers. It's kind of like a addiction. Once you get into it and realize how damn easy it is, and discover products like One Size Pocket Diapers (adjusts to fit your baby from birth to like 35lbs which is amazingly economical vs. disposables), you start getting addicted to buying different kinds to try, different colors and fabrics. Do you want organic fabrics? Fleece? Microfiber terry cloth? Prints or solid colours? There are so many different kinds to choose from. There are Minky diapers which are like the Cadillac's of the cloth diaper world... They are made from a super soft fabric that feels like... well... a mink coat. They start at around 35 bucks each.
Then there are woolies, which cost a pretty penny to unless you know how to make them. They are wool covers that are amazingly absorbent. I want them so bad but my husband is threatening to break my fingers if I don't stop buying cloth diapers ;)

Speaking of.... The little one needs a changing!

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