Thursday, June 25, 2009

Smartipants Review

Let me preface this with the following:

Not every diaper is best for every baby. Some diapers are awesome and fit lots of babies, but not some babies. Smartipants are incredibly well made, good quality fabrics/materials. They just didn't work for US.

So here's my review.

I ordered a 3 pack of One Size Diapers from because I had seen great reviews for them on .

I got them today, washed them per the instructions, and slapped a pair on Izzy:
From Cloth diapering

Here we have it on the smallest setting/as tight as I could get it on my 9.5 lb baby. The rise wasn't as adjustable as I would have hoped and there was some major gaping at her tummy and her thighs:
From Cloth diapering

Also the insert (while super super soft and absorbent) is a one size insert. Unfortunatley that means when it's on the smallest setting, it sticks out a bit at the ends:
From Cloth diapering

Which is okay in the back because the back gusset hides it, but the front sticks out over the waist band and I can imagine wicking issues with this.

I'm hoping that when my daughter is a bit older it will fit her snugger. I can't return them at this point, because as we speak Izzy is loading her brand new smartipants diaper... lol.

We'll see how it holds up to explosive baby poo in about 5 minutes.

All in all Smartipants is a well made diaper, but for now it's going to the bottom of my stash until Izzy is older, then we'll try them again.

The things I would change are the spacing of the snaps in order to provide a more adjustable rise, and maybe make a smaller insert for younger babies like BumGenius has. Otherwise it's a nice pocket diaper.

On a personal note: I'm kinda bummed. My husband said he'd let me get 3 more diapers prior to this, and then I can't buy anymore for 2 months, let alone bug him about getting more. So I chose these Smartipants for the good reviews and the great price... but I'm kinda wishing I would have just ordered some more BumGenius or Mommy's Touch or Happy Heiny's from Nicki's Diapers only because I know those diapers work amazingly well for my daughter. Those are my top 3 pocket diapers.

Oh well. If I've learned anything in this whole cloth diapering adventure, it's you have to try new things to find what really works best for you. I'm glad I gave them a try.


danidocrafty said...

I know nothing of baby diapers because you know, no babies. ;) However I was having allergy issues with disposable menstrual pads (think diaper rash for grown ups, I know, TMI) and I switched to cloth pads almost a year ago and I've been much happier.

I think it's great that you're committed to cloth diapering for Izzy, given the choice if I ever have children I'll be doing cloth diapers as well.

Oh, and baby belly pictures are super cute! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been considering using cloth pads too! I've heard great things.

Thanks Dani :)

speaking of bellies. you should see the belly pic I have of myself before I had Izzy... freakin huge