Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I might be a addict...

I bought a new orange and grey BSRB and I totally sold all 3 of my GoodMama's to buy more on thursday.

Thank you Joyce for making such a wonderful diaper!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bagshot Row Bamboo Review

I have finally gotten my hands on the famous, the elusive, the coveted BSRB fitted diaper. I have seen fights over these diapers, women selling their whole diaper stashes just to get these diapers, all day "stalking" right up until the big moment. Needles to say, I just had to get one to see what all the fuss was about.

Bagshot Row Bamboo Diapers are the brainchild of a work at home mom, named Joyce. She and her husband have six children and got into the cloth diapering world the way most of us do, to save money and to save our children's bottoms from harsh chemicals and painful rashes. Joyce got interested in bamboo, according to her website, for its antimicrobial properties and high absorbency. It's also very very soft and very durable. She came up with these wonderful diapers.

These diapers are one size, and will last till potty training. They are made from 100% certified bamboo/organic cotton fleece. They come in a variety of prints, amazing prints, that people will literally fight over. They can be washed with your other diapers in the usual routine : Cold rinse, wash on hot with a natural detergent, do another cold rinse and either line dry until slightly damp(preferable) and tumble dry on low/medium heat with a dry towel. Or if you don't have access to a line to dry or the weather is bad you can just dry them in the dryer on low/medium.
The more you wash these, the more absorbent they will become.

Here is our somewhat happy model, Izzy:
From Cloth diapering

Annnnd here is the glorious BSRB Fitted Diaper in Cotton Candy Skulls:
From Cloth diapering

The diaper comes with a snap in full sized bamboo organic/cotton fleece doublers that can be folded in on each other to provide even more absorbency. She also includes a extra booster:
From Cloth diapering

For my 3 month old, I just layed her down on the diaper and folded the rise down like so:
From Cloth diapering

Because these wings are already tapered, I just tucked the rise in underneath and pulled the wings tight and slapped a snappi on that bad boy:
From Cloth diapering

Or a pin if you are so inclined:
From Cloth diapering

I prefer the pin if she doesn't have a cover on, because she can pull the snappi of and hurt herself. Technically, any fitted, you need a cover. However these are so absorbent, many moms will let their baby chill without a cover for up to 3 or 4 hours with no problems at all. The leg gussets fit GREAT around her little thighs:
From Cloth diapering

Izzy seems to like them, they are super soft and fit her little 11 pound frame very well:
From Cloth diapering

All in all, I love this diaper. It's everything promised by all the hype I've heard the last 6 months. They are trim, absorbent, soft and very cute. I would totally recommend this diaper to every cloth diapering momma:
From Cloth diapering

At 20$ a diaper they are totally worth the price. Most pockets cost around 18$ to 24$ anyway. I dare say I might be a convert.

For more information on this fabulous diaper, please visit Joyce's website at Bagshotrowbamboo.com
To get your hands on one, simply visit her website and click on Shop to be taken to her hyena cart. She stocks her shop every Thursday around 7pm eastern. You have to be quick though. Get there a few minutes before and decide which diaper you want. Once the clock rolls to 7pm they become available and you have to refresh and click "buy it now" as fast as you can because these diapers are sold out in less than 5 minutes. There are over a 100 shoppers waiting to get just one of these amazing diapers. Thus the "stalking" aspect of it ;)

Happy Hunting!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Holy Crow I got one!

I finally got myself a BSRB!
I managed to get my hands on the cotton candy skulls print.
As soon as it gets here I will demo it for you guys.

I am so excited.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The elusive BSRB

GOD I want one....

Not only to demo for the blog, but because I wasn't all that impressed with my Goodmama's that I got used.

BSRB stands for Bagshot Row Bamboo. They are amazing, from what I hear. They are organic bamboo fitted diapers that are one size fits all. Of course if you are reading this blog you know what they are most likely.

The woman who makes them, Joyce, has some amazing prints and they are beyond cute. The only downside is you have to stalk her hyena cart to get a diaper. She restocks her site Thursday nights at 7pm EST. I have no been able to get my hands on one, as they sell out in minutes... but you can go to her website and check out her diapers and prints. You can also try Spot's Corner for some used ones as well as other used diapers. Or try the Cloth Diaper Super Store for them and other good deals on diapers.

All in all, very cute. Mommy like....

One of these days I'll get my hands on one and demo it for you guys. Right now, money is tight with one income and we already are having to sacrifice our first wedding anniversary for lack of funds... So no new diapers for quite some time.

If you are a cloth diaper manufacturer or WAHM and would like me to demo your product here email me at sjetter@gmail.com

To find out more about these awesome diapers, you can also visit the BSRB FAQ located on Babycenter.com that was posted by one of the awesome cloth diapering Mama's on the Cloth Diapering Board

Friday, July 10, 2009

By the way

Since this blog has turned into a place I mostly review products, and talk about pregnancy, children, frugal living and all that... I opened a new blog for my friends and family to visit for my personal rants, family updates and such:
Life, Love & Caffiene pretty much sums it up lol.

Keep checking back here for the usual cloth diapering blogs, reviews, parenting stuff and etc.
If you want to listen to me b*tch and whine, then go to the other one ;)

Review: Happy Heiny's One SIze Diaper

ANNNND we might as well roll out one more review while the cranky baby is asleep.

Happy Heiny makes a One Size diaper I truly adore. It comes in snap or velcro, but since I prefer my velcro/aplix, thats what I bought to demo.

Here we have a black Happy Heiny OS, Velcro style:
From Cloth diapering

Much like the BumGenius diapers, you have a adjustable rise via a snapping system, here I have it snapped on it's smallest setting:
From Cloth diapering

This diaper also has a open pocket to allow for the insert to come out in the wash and make for easier stuffing:
From Cloth diapering

Now the difference between this and the Mommy's Touch that I previously reviewed is the waistband actually curls over the opening so the fleece lining and insert don't stick out:
From Cloth diapering

Here you can see the waist in the front and how the velcro attaches. The wings can also overlap eachother:
From Cloth diapering

The leg gussets are also very nice and fit snug, but not so tight it leaves red marks:
From Cloth diapering

I gotta say, this is my second favorite diaper next to my BumGenius diapers. It's also in heavy rotation. I'd say my main rotation is primarily made up of BumGenius, Happy Heiny, Mommy's Touch and then prefolds and wraps.

I purchased these from Nicki's Diapers where I seem to do a lot of purchasing these days.

Next week I will review some used Good Mamma OBV fitted diapers I just got on trade with another Cloth Diapering Mom in Canada.

Have a great weekend!

Review: Mommy's Touch OS

I bought a few Mommy's Touch One Size Diapers to review/demo for this blog.
I bought both the Velcro and Snap version.
I'll be reviewing the Snap version on here because I looove the velcro and it's currently in the wash due to being in heavy rotation in my diaper stash.

So here were have our Mommy's Touch One Size (OS) Snap Diaper:
From Cloth diapering

It's got a nice fleece lining (which I love, poop comes off much easier on fleece) and a waterproof outside.
And here we have our NOT so willing model, Izzy:
From Cloth diapering

She's teething at 11 weeks and not very pleased to be in the company of anything that isn't rubbing her gums. So the camera can go to hell as far as she's concerned.

This diaper is adjustable by snapping down the waist and folding it under to fix the rise. The wings also snap in on themselves:
From Cloth diapering

The pocket in the back is left open, so the insert will come out in the wash on it's own:
From Cloth diapering

On the one hand this is nice, no touching the icky insert if it's especially pee soaked. On the other hand it is annoying because you have to tuck the fleece under the gathers at the back of the diaper or it sticks out and over the waist band and wicks onto your baby's clothing:
From Cloth diapering

Here it is snapped down to ALMOST the smallest setting. The wings can overlay if need be:
From Cloth diapering

The only problem I've really had is the inside wings sometimes droop down and leave gaps:
From Cloth diapering

Which I only noticed when she was sitting up in her car seat and the inside of her diaper was hanging out. Took me a second to figure out why.

All in all, Mommy's Touch Diapers are really nice. I prefer the adjustibility of the velcro version over the snaps. Every baby's body is different and sometimes the snaps aren't in the right position to give a excellent fit. I use the velcro version in heavy rotation with my BumGenius 3.0's. The fleece lining is a plus and they have so many cute colors and prints.

I buy my Mommy's Touch Diapers from Nicki's Diapers as well as my Happy Heiny's which I will review in my next blog. She's also got a great clearance sale page you should really check out.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Seriously Slacking.

I've been slacking on my reviews, I know. It's been a long couple days.
Our darling little Izzy has 2 teeth erupting. Her 2 top canines are poking through. Keep in mind she is only 11 weeks old. Poor thing is miserable.
So I've been dealing with a uber drooly, uber angry baby.

I have 2 reviews to do still. Later on this week I will be reviewing the One Size Fuzzi Bunz with the hip snap, and the One Size Mommy's Touch with Snaps. I also have a used Good Mama fitted diaper or two coming in that I will give a general review on. I won't be to harsh because they are used, and no bought straight from a vendor.

I promise you I'll be back on my little cloth diapering soap box soon. I am just exhausted and running on fumes right now.

I am also going to be looking into trying some GAD diapers and possible a Apple Cheeks.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Review: New Thirsties Duo Wrap!

I'm really excited about this one.

Thirsties has come out with a new diaper cover/wrap called the Duo Wrap. It comes in 2 sizes, vs the normal Thirsties cover that you have to buy each size to use. I purchased size one, which fits babies 6-18lbs (up to roughly 9 months). That is what I'll be reviewing today. Size 2 fits 8-40lbs (from 8 months to 36+).

Here are they are:
From Cloth diapering

And here is our lovely model, Izzy (excuse the blur, she moves fast):
From Cloth diapering

We put a newborn sized Indian Prefold on her with a Snappi:
From Cloth diapering

Here is the Duo Wrap on it's smallest setting:
From Cloth diapering

The rise is just right and the gussets aren't choking her legs like the regular covers tend to do:
From Cloth diapering

From Cloth diapering

A perfect fit on her belly:
From Cloth diapering

And no scrunching up on her back or red marks:
From Cloth diapering

All in all, it's a great cover. I am REALLY impressed and will be ordering more size ones and a couple size twos. The fit was great, the price is awesome at $12.75 each, and they come in 8 different colors. There is no funky fit in the leg, as with the previous covers, and the Duo Wrap covered her prefold perfectly on all sides.

I would definitely recommend this product for all you cloth diapering Mama's out there. I will be putting my old Thirsties covers up for sale/trade and use the new Duo Wrap for my stash from here on out.