Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bagshot Row Bamboo Review

I have finally gotten my hands on the famous, the elusive, the coveted BSRB fitted diaper. I have seen fights over these diapers, women selling their whole diaper stashes just to get these diapers, all day "stalking" right up until the big moment. Needles to say, I just had to get one to see what all the fuss was about.

Bagshot Row Bamboo Diapers are the brainchild of a work at home mom, named Joyce. She and her husband have six children and got into the cloth diapering world the way most of us do, to save money and to save our children's bottoms from harsh chemicals and painful rashes. Joyce got interested in bamboo, according to her website, for its antimicrobial properties and high absorbency. It's also very very soft and very durable. She came up with these wonderful diapers.

These diapers are one size, and will last till potty training. They are made from 100% certified bamboo/organic cotton fleece. They come in a variety of prints, amazing prints, that people will literally fight over. They can be washed with your other diapers in the usual routine : Cold rinse, wash on hot with a natural detergent, do another cold rinse and either line dry until slightly damp(preferable) and tumble dry on low/medium heat with a dry towel. Or if you don't have access to a line to dry or the weather is bad you can just dry them in the dryer on low/medium.
The more you wash these, the more absorbent they will become.

Here is our somewhat happy model, Izzy:
From Cloth diapering

Annnnd here is the glorious BSRB Fitted Diaper in Cotton Candy Skulls:
From Cloth diapering

The diaper comes with a snap in full sized bamboo organic/cotton fleece doublers that can be folded in on each other to provide even more absorbency. She also includes a extra booster:
From Cloth diapering

For my 3 month old, I just layed her down on the diaper and folded the rise down like so:
From Cloth diapering

Because these wings are already tapered, I just tucked the rise in underneath and pulled the wings tight and slapped a snappi on that bad boy:
From Cloth diapering

Or a pin if you are so inclined:
From Cloth diapering

I prefer the pin if she doesn't have a cover on, because she can pull the snappi of and hurt herself. Technically, any fitted, you need a cover. However these are so absorbent, many moms will let their baby chill without a cover for up to 3 or 4 hours with no problems at all. The leg gussets fit GREAT around her little thighs:
From Cloth diapering

Izzy seems to like them, they are super soft and fit her little 11 pound frame very well:
From Cloth diapering

All in all, I love this diaper. It's everything promised by all the hype I've heard the last 6 months. They are trim, absorbent, soft and very cute. I would totally recommend this diaper to every cloth diapering momma:
From Cloth diapering

At 20$ a diaper they are totally worth the price. Most pockets cost around 18$ to 24$ anyway. I dare say I might be a convert.

For more information on this fabulous diaper, please visit Joyce's website at
To get your hands on one, simply visit her website and click on Shop to be taken to her hyena cart. She stocks her shop every Thursday around 7pm eastern. You have to be quick though. Get there a few minutes before and decide which diaper you want. Once the clock rolls to 7pm they become available and you have to refresh and click "buy it now" as fast as you can because these diapers are sold out in less than 5 minutes. There are over a 100 shoppers waiting to get just one of these amazing diapers. Thus the "stalking" aspect of it ;)

Happy Hunting!


momtx said...

Great post! Thanks for all the pictures and how to pin. I just received my first ones, but still waiting on my baby:)

Melissa said...

Nice! Can't wait to get my own.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys ;)
I just bought another one. omg this is going to become an obsession

Randie Sanders said...

Great post! Now for the bad are hooked. I have only been using BSRB's for two mos and have 8 and three more on the way :O

Anonymous said...

hubby will kill me if i buy 8 lol
you're lucky ;)

I just got my TIAN today. can't wait to use it tonight ;)

Wendy said...

LOVE your review- ordered my first two on Friday, she had a double secret stocking that I stalked on Friday (heard via BabyCenter)....I can't wait till they come!

Lauren said...

Thanks for posting this!