Saturday, July 11, 2009

The elusive BSRB

GOD I want one....

Not only to demo for the blog, but because I wasn't all that impressed with my Goodmama's that I got used.

BSRB stands for Bagshot Row Bamboo. They are amazing, from what I hear. They are organic bamboo fitted diapers that are one size fits all. Of course if you are reading this blog you know what they are most likely.

The woman who makes them, Joyce, has some amazing prints and they are beyond cute. The only downside is you have to stalk her hyena cart to get a diaper. She restocks her site Thursday nights at 7pm EST. I have no been able to get my hands on one, as they sell out in minutes... but you can go to her website and check out her diapers and prints. You can also try Spot's Corner for some used ones as well as other used diapers. Or try the Cloth Diaper Super Store for them and other good deals on diapers.

All in all, very cute. Mommy like....

One of these days I'll get my hands on one and demo it for you guys. Right now, money is tight with one income and we already are having to sacrifice our first wedding anniversary for lack of funds... So no new diapers for quite some time.

If you are a cloth diaper manufacturer or WAHM and would like me to demo your product here email me at

To find out more about these awesome diapers, you can also visit the BSRB FAQ located on that was posted by one of the awesome cloth diapering Mama's on the Cloth Diapering Board

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