Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fuzzibunz for everyone

Time for a much overdue review on one of my very favorite pocket diapers.

Fuzzibunz was created out of need by a young mother of 3 named Tereson Dupuy. She, like so many cloth diaper makers out there, created a cloth pocket diaper to try and combat her son's diaper rash. The result has become a big favorite with many cloth diapering moms.

Fuzzibunz comes in a One Size fits all pocket diaper, or in a sized version that ranges from a extra small (fits 4-12lbs) to a extra large (fits 45lbs and up). All the diapers are snap secured, rather than velcro, so you won't have to worry about pilling or curling tabs.

The one size version is amazingly customizable and fits most babies from 7lbs to 35lbs. Instead of snapping down the rise, everything adjusts by way of elastic bands in the legs and waist. I don't have any pictures of them because I no longer have this particular diaper... but you can find a picture on Nicki's Diapers that shows the elastics. Basically it's like the elastic adjustable waist you find in small children's pants. You pull the elastic to it's desired length and secure it on a button. This allows you to get the very best fit instead of a predetermined fit by the manufacture. The one size version CAN be a little bulky in the booty. However, who doesn't love a nice fluffy bottom?
My friend, Bonnie, was kind enough to provide a few pictures of her handsome 2 year old son Noah to demonstrate how awesome the One Size version fits:
From Cloth diapering

Here's a close up and you can see the hip snaps as well as the row across the waist:
From Cloth diapering

Here you can see how the leg gussets hug Noah's thighs and help prevent leaks. And like I said before, who can resist a Fluffy Butt?
From Cloth diapering

Even sitting down with his legs at a angle, Noah has no gaps in his leg gussets. No leaks for Mama:
From Cloth diapering

My favorite so far has been the sized version. Here is Izzy in a size small. She's 13lbs and she can still wear it snapped all the way on the smallest setting, but I give her a little bit of wiggle room by leaving her snapped on a larger setting:
From Cloth diapering

One of the things that makes Fuzzi Bunz diapers a good fit, is the row of snaps along the hip line. So you can bring the hips in tighter to ensure a nice snug fit on the thighs:
From Cloth diapering

Fuzzi Bunz are lined with fleece, to help wick away moisture and prevent rashes. The inserts are super absorbent and so soft that I couldn't resist rubbing it against my cheek fresh out of the package. There is a nice wide slot to stuff the insert in so there is no need to pull it out before washing, it should come out on it's own:
From Cloth diapering

Don't be fooled by the wide mouth, when it's fastened on your baby the opening will be tucked under and hidden under the waist gusset.

I find these diapers pretty comparable to Bum Genius Diapers and at $18.95 for a One Size and $16.95-$17.95 for the Perfect Sized version, the are fairly affordable for a beginning cloth diaper Mama or those on a budget.While the elastics on the One Size version can take some trial and error to get the best fit for your little one, once you get it, the fit can't be beat.
The waterproof outer layer is soft, but durable. The snaps a steadfast and the company promises 3 years with no snap breakage, and should you elastics break, they can be replaced in under 10 minutes easily.

I really like my Fuzzi Bunz a lot and I'm hoping you will too! Most cloth diaper sites carry them and now you can even find them at

Cloth Diapers are certainly becoming mainstream when you can find them at Target ;)

Next week I'll be doing a review on a few kinds of covers, including woolies and fleece.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Woot Woot

I got new fleece soakers to review this week as well as a Fuzzibunz review featuring our first little man model, Noah.

I'm also working on something big. I'll get into it more later but I want to try and keep it under wraps so nobody can take my idea and run with it. Cause it's pretty revolutionary and awesome and I don't think it's anything thats been done recently. So it's hush hush until I get the first half of it done, then I'll share with you guys.

I also want to assure my readers that I will keep this blog going. No matter what.
I started it for my fellow cloth diapering folk. The confused first timers, to the seasoned pros.... I do this for you guys. Not for money, or notoriety, or anything else. Just to be a resource and a helping hand.

I can't wait to share with you all what I'm working on. It's big and I'm very excited.

Stay tuned for some reviews this week and a special announcement mid September.

* let me add too, that the more cloth diapering websites out there, the better. Raising awareness about the cloth diapering world is really important to me. So I wish any other mom's out there with sites and blogs the best of luck! For the CD Bloggers out there, you should join Cloth Diapering Bloggers
They have a lot to offer and are a good source of information.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm on a roll tonight

This not sleeping thing has benefits.

I wanted to post about detergents for cloth diapering. It's very important to avoid detergents that contain brighteners, whiteners, bleach, enzymes or any such "enchancements". These things can cause soap residue to build up, compound ammonia smell, and cause your diapers to repel wetness rather than absorb them...

So which detergents are safe?

Pinstripes and Polkadots has a really good list of good and bad detergents and at the very bottom explains why some cause issues with cloth diapers. What might be a major problem for a prefold, could be even worse for your pockets. Check out the link above!

(ps. I use Liquid Planet. I love it, it works great, and it's for both standard and HE machines!)

Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer is having another giveaway!

This week's giveaway is for :
2-Baby Legs (given by manufacturer)
1-bumGenius One Size Diaper (given by
1-bumGenius Baby Legs (given by

Click on the link above and check it out!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pinning a Prefold

Lots of people ask me if I prefer snappi's or pins when it comes to securing my diapers. I feel that Snappi's can be wonderful for prefolds, but I've had them pop off and cut my daughter before. It may be the way she moves, it could be user error.
Whatever the case my be, I kick it old school with my pins.

You can buy safe, locking head pins at your local Walmart, or most major online diaper stores. I bought mine from Walmart. In this pictorial step by step, I'm using a rather large prefold on Izzy. I ordered the wrong kind when I was pregnant. Since we live as frugal as we can, I'm going to continue to use these, until she grows out of them.

Now most people don't even bother with pinning. You can simply fold the prefold in thirds and lay it inside the diaper cover. But if you're using a pull up cover like a woolie or a fleece soaker, it's better to fold and pin.

For this demonstration I will be doing the Jelly Roll fold.

First I lay the prefold flat and place Izzy on top. For a normal prefold you'd want to line the back edge up with your child's belly button... But since these are freaking HUUUUGE, I'm going a bit higher:
From Cloth diapering

From Cloth diapering

Told you they were long...
Now to do a Jelly Roll you simply roll the sides in like so:
From Cloth diapering

This fold is great for containing even the nastiest of blow outs.
Next, we pull the rolls up the middle of baby:
From Cloth diapering

Now because this is such a huge/long prefold, I simply fold the top under like this:
From Cloth diapering

Next, using one hand hold the middle section flat while you bring up the wing from the side. Pull it as tight as you can get it (don't worry it will relax later)and overlap it over the middle portion like so:
From Cloth diapering

Be sure to keep your fingers between the diaper and your babies skin, because this is the point we will insert your locking head diaper pin. Insert the pin at a diagonal, pointing towards the hip. If you have a squirmy baby, be mindful of his flailing hands:
From Cloth diapering

Lock your pin and move to the other side. Repeat the process by holding the middle portion flush to the hip and pulling the side wing up and over as tight as you can. Then pin. It should look something like this:
From Cloth diapering

Mind you, with a smaller prefold it will be more even and much less bulky. This is just... huge...
The Jelly Roll is pretty snug on the side of babies leg, giving you a nice rolled "gusset" to protect from any sneaky poo that might try to get onto your precious woolies ;)
From Cloth diapering

As you can see, you can never pull the prefold tight enough. The fabric WILL relax, so you will /not/ hurt your little one:
From Cloth diapering

Note the happy model ;)
From Cloth diapering

Now that you've got your prefold pinned, you can either place a wrap style diaper cover such as a Thirsties or a wool or fleece soaker such as this one we purchased from Bellies, Babies 'n More. It's one of my favorites.

From Cloth diapering

This soaker is also a weeeeee bit big on our little Izzy, as you can tell in the legs, but if you have a nice tight Jelly Roll, there will be no leaks. I haven't had any.

So that's the basic pinning of a prefold.
I love the Jelly roll best because, as I said, it really holds in the poop. There are also many other ways to fold a prefold. The Diaper Hyena has some good examples of other folds to try.

Happy Pinning!

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's abbreviation time!

I get a lot of "Hey, what in the heck is a BSRB". I get that a lot actually...
So I figured while I'm up at 1:30am with a cranky post shot baby, I might as well post some definitions for some of the newbies out there. These are NOT in alphabeticaly order, cause frankly, it's to darn early for that...

First off, BSRB:

BSRB: short for Bagshot Row Bamboo which is a fitted, one sized, certified organic bamboo diaper that is VERY popular with the cloth diapering crowd right now. It's made by a wonderful WAHM (thats work at home mom) named Joyce. These diapers can be pinned or snappied and should be used with a cover if you are headed out in one. Most of us just let our babes run around uncovered if we're just chilling out at home. Joyce has recently come out with a All in One that does not require a cover. I've yet to get my hands on one.

GM: Short Good Mama which is another type of fitted diaper that is one sized and has a row of snaps across the front for adjusting the rise. They are made from both organic cotton velor or organic bamboo velor. These diaper don't require any pinning or snappi, but the regular ones do require a cover for extended use, much like a BSRB. The creator of this diaper has also come out with a All in one that eliminates the need for a cover.

FB: Short for Fuzzibunz, a pocket diaper available in a one size fits all or a sized option. Very soft, very leak resistant.

BG: Short for BumGenius. This is a great company who makes many kinds of diapers. From fitteds, to pockets, to All in Ones. They have fleece lined diapers, suede cloth lined diapers, organic bamboo.. Just about anything.

Pockets: Pockets refers to a style of diaper that has a "pocket" in the back in which you would "stuff" or insert a absorbent insert.

Fitted: Fitted refers to a style of diaper that fits to your baby, has elastics in the leg, and typically requires a cover. These are made of very absorbent materials and can be secured with snaps, a snappi, or pins.

AIO: Short for All In One, which simply means its a diaper AND a cover together. Some AIO's have pockets, some do not.

AI2: short for All In Two which is similar to a AIO in the fact it is a diaper WITH a built in cover, but the insert/soaker is attached in some form...

DSQ: stands for "Diaper Service Quality" and refers to prefold diapers that are of good, absorbent quality vs. flats you can find in the store.

Prefold: Prefolds are diapers that are many layers of cotton sewn together, the thickest being in the middle where you need it most. These can be used with pins, snappis, or you can simply fold them in thirds and lay them in a diaper cover.

Snappi: A Snappi is a stretchy, t-shapped rubbery fastner used to secure a fitted diaper or a prefold diaper. These awesome little guys have replaced the need for diaper pins in most households (though I still love to pin my prefolds)

Soaker: A soaker can be one of two things. When I think of a soaker, I'm thinking of a diaper cover made from a water resistant material such as wool, or fleece that you can put over a prefold or fitted to repel leaks. It can also refer to a extra absorbent insert used to boost leak protection in a diaper.

WAHM: Short for "Work at Home Mom" which is pretty self explanatory. A WAHM is a mom who chooses to work from the home so she can raise her children.

Woolies: Woolies refer to a type of diaper cover. These can be hand knit from wool yarn into adorable little soakers, shorts, or long pants. They can also be made from recycled wool sweaters. Wool is naturally antibacterial, super absorbent and yet breathable for your babe's booty.

Shorties/Longies: Refers to either a short style soaker or a long "pants" style.

I'll add more as they come to me :P

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Exciting things to come!

There may be a giveaway coming to Rambles and Shambles. My very first one :)
Stay tuned and one of my faithful readers may have a chance at a free soaker from Jen at winkydinks

Also coming this week will be a prefold/pinning pictorial.
From Cloth diapering

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My first love, Bum Genius 3.0

When my husband and I first decided to cloth diaper, I was around 5 months pregnant with Isabella. We tossed back and forth the idea of a diaper service, but ultimatley we decided to just wash at home. There is a lack of cloth diaper services and stores in Las Vegas so there really wasn't much of an option but to shop online.

The very first place I found was I sat there, jaw agape, and stared in wild eyed wonder at all the different types of diapers. I was in awe. What would I chose?

It was then I saw my beloved Bum Genius. I was so intrigued by the idea of a One Size diaper that would fit my newborn (they say around 7lbs) till she was potty training as a toddler. It blew my mind. And all the pretty colors caught my eye. There was a blaze orange for Daddy, thats his favorite! I was VERY excited to say the least.

I still am! I've got to say these are my favorite pockets outside of my sized Fuzzi Bunz.

The Bum Genius 3.0 One Size is a one size fits all pocket style diaper. It has snaps on the front that adjust verticly for size and applix hook and loop closure taps to ensure a snug fit:
From Cloth diapering

From Cloth diapering

The inserts are made of microfiber and every diaper comes with one Newborn shorter style booster and their larger booster which snaps down for smaller babies. I use them both for Izzy right now, cause the girl pees like a race horse.

The pocket is the coolest part of the diaper. After you stuff it, the Bum Genius has a patent pending fold down stopper that keeps the insert inside the pocket and your baby's clothing dry:
From Cloth diapering

This is a very husband/babysitter/grandparents friendly diaper. Simply lay the baby on the diaper and pull the tabs across and fasten as so:
From Cloth diapering

You can even overlap the tabs on a smaller baby.
Some people have complained that the applix gets pilly and falls apart for them. However I've had no problems. It may be because I line dry my diapers outside, and because I take time to pull any loose strings off my velcro and trim any fuzzies.
If you're a crafty Mommy, you can always revamp with a snap press.
OR you can pay a little extra for the BumGenius One Size Organic Diaper with snaps which requires no stuffing of inserts and of course, has snaps. I personally prefer the velcro for the snug fit I get.
This diaper is amazing, cleans up well, and so far has lasted us with no problems. At $17.95 brand new it's a good investment for a diaper that will carry you through to potty training. You can also find this diaper on lots of swap boards for $12-$14 dollars a pop.

I totally recommend this diaper to my cloth diapering mama's out there. Pockets are nice to have for night time diapering (you can stuff as many inserts as you need in there for a good nights sleep with no leaks) and for the cloth diaper inept (like the hubbies and the sitters). I have 6 I keep for my husband, since he's prefold challenged ;)

Izzy loves her BumGenius:
From Cloth diapering

Friday, August 14, 2009

Overdue GoodMama review

I had purchased some used Good Mama's off because of mixed reviews from my fellow Mama's.

Here we have a Good Mama OBV (Organic Bamboo Velor):
From Cloth diapering

It is super soft and really heavy. I loved the feel of the fabric and I'm sure Izzy liked it too ;) The snap in soaker was made of the same bamboo velor and was VERY soft despite being second hand.

This is a One Sized Fitted Diaper, you will need a cover for this diaper if your using it for naps or for long periods of time (although they just came up with a new AIO diaper with a cover called The One.
When we open it, you see a row of snaps on the inside:
From Cloth diapering

Here we have this One Size diaper on my 13lb baby girl:
From Cloth diapering

Notice the 2 rows of snaps. In order to fit a smaller baby, you have to fold the rise down and snap the inside row:
From Cloth diapering

Then overlay the wings for smaller babies and snap where the fit is best for your baby:
From Cloth diapering

As you can see, it's a little bulky on a smaller baby, giving them quite a "bubble butt":
From Cloth diapering

From Cloth diapering

But the overall fit isn't bad at all.

Now for the review part of this review:

I REALLLLLY wanted to like this diaper. I really did. However despite the pretty colors, the awesome fabric, and the benefit of a one size fitted, I had some design issues. The snaps on the inner row rubbed my poor daughter something fierce. They left awful red marks on her. When I contacted their customer service department, they suggested I had the diaper to tight (which I did not) and that I might try to buy their Good Front Soaker to cover the snaps.
However I feel that this would be such a simple fix for them.
I've also had many Mom's tell me they've had horrible problems with the snaps breaking, arriving broken, or missing entirely.

So I sold all my Good Mama diapers and continue the search for a fitted that has snaps that are covered. The concept behind this diaper is great, if they could just do something about the snaps I would probably buy quite a few of these. The fabric and the fit is really nice (though with the OBV's the soaker can bunch up a bit, which sucks for poops)

I prefer my BSRB's over the Good Mama.
For one, the fit is more customizable with my BSRB's. I can get a much more snug fit on my wiggly baby with a snappy and a bsrb.
Also, the fabric, while maybe not /as/ soft as velor, is way more absorbant.
I also found that BSRB's fit much better under a traditional cover than my Good Mama's did. Plus! The customer service for BSRB's (Joyce herself!) can't be beat.

So all in all, these diapers are a great steal if you can get them second hand on one of the many swap boards out there. But I wouldn't pay full price for one until they come up with a way to cover the snaps that doesn't involve me buying a additional soaker. In the meantime I would recommend a BSRB over this diaper anyday.

Have a great weekend folks!

Fear not!

I am so sorry I've not been posting my usual reviews, dear hearts.
Life has been hectic these days.

As most of you know, I had to leave a promising career with my company to stay home with the girls. Daycare in Nevada was just to expensive (250 a week for a baby???) and to put our Isabella in daycare full time and pay for our Caity-bug to go to after school programs and summer daycare was going to cost MORE than I was making. So we made the decision for me to stay home, cut costs where we can and do our very best to make it on one not so great income.

My husband works very hard, and has a very high stress job on the Las Vegas strip for one of the top luxury resorts. However, when the economy took a nosedive, the company cut ALL the employee's pay, even their executives took a 20% cut! They could have just fired everybody, but they tried to keep everyone's jobs instead and cut back wages.

So with tourism at a all time low in Vegas, and our unemployment rates being the highest in the country, we are struggling.

What I usually do is buy one diaper to demo for you guys at a time. If I like it, I keep it. If I'm fond of it but it's not perfect for Izzy, I pass it on and/or trade it for something else to demo for you lovely readers. With money as tight as it is, I haven't been able to afford much to do my readers. I have sold a lot of my current favs to pay for some BSRB's and wool because the fitteds work so much better for DD. The pockets just don't fit her tiny little body very well... All the diapers I buy now, I pay for with PayPal from selling other diapers.

Except for tonight's stocking, Joyce you'll be the death of me...

Anywho. Once things pick back up I swear I'll get some more products up for you. If any manufacturers or WAHM would like to send me a diaper to demo for my faithful readers, feel free. I have a lot of followers on and if your diaper is awesome, I can get the word out for you among the cloth diaper addicts :)

Now for my fellow cloth diapering mamas....

Leave me a comment of what items you would like me to demo for you. Diapers, covers, how to fold, pin, snappi. Whatever you're curious about and I will do my best to make it happen for you.

I have my Good Mama review in pictures ready to go, just need to type it. I also will be doing the BumGenius 3.0 soon as well as a few wool and fleece WAHM covers I'm waiting on.

Goodnight Ladies and Gents, and God Bless you and your families in these hard times.