Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fuzzibunz for everyone

Time for a much overdue review on one of my very favorite pocket diapers.

Fuzzibunz was created out of need by a young mother of 3 named Tereson Dupuy. She, like so many cloth diaper makers out there, created a cloth pocket diaper to try and combat her son's diaper rash. The result has become a big favorite with many cloth diapering moms.

Fuzzibunz comes in a One Size fits all pocket diaper, or in a sized version that ranges from a extra small (fits 4-12lbs) to a extra large (fits 45lbs and up). All the diapers are snap secured, rather than velcro, so you won't have to worry about pilling or curling tabs.

The one size version is amazingly customizable and fits most babies from 7lbs to 35lbs. Instead of snapping down the rise, everything adjusts by way of elastic bands in the legs and waist. I don't have any pictures of them because I no longer have this particular diaper... but you can find a picture on Nicki's Diapers that shows the elastics. Basically it's like the elastic adjustable waist you find in small children's pants. You pull the elastic to it's desired length and secure it on a button. This allows you to get the very best fit instead of a predetermined fit by the manufacture. The one size version CAN be a little bulky in the booty. However, who doesn't love a nice fluffy bottom?
My friend, Bonnie, was kind enough to provide a few pictures of her handsome 2 year old son Noah to demonstrate how awesome the One Size version fits:
From Cloth diapering

Here's a close up and you can see the hip snaps as well as the row across the waist:
From Cloth diapering

Here you can see how the leg gussets hug Noah's thighs and help prevent leaks. And like I said before, who can resist a Fluffy Butt?
From Cloth diapering

Even sitting down with his legs at a angle, Noah has no gaps in his leg gussets. No leaks for Mama:
From Cloth diapering

My favorite so far has been the sized version. Here is Izzy in a size small. She's 13lbs and she can still wear it snapped all the way on the smallest setting, but I give her a little bit of wiggle room by leaving her snapped on a larger setting:
From Cloth diapering

One of the things that makes Fuzzi Bunz diapers a good fit, is the row of snaps along the hip line. So you can bring the hips in tighter to ensure a nice snug fit on the thighs:
From Cloth diapering

Fuzzi Bunz are lined with fleece, to help wick away moisture and prevent rashes. The inserts are super absorbent and so soft that I couldn't resist rubbing it against my cheek fresh out of the package. There is a nice wide slot to stuff the insert in so there is no need to pull it out before washing, it should come out on it's own:
From Cloth diapering

Don't be fooled by the wide mouth, when it's fastened on your baby the opening will be tucked under and hidden under the waist gusset.

I find these diapers pretty comparable to Bum Genius Diapers and at $18.95 for a One Size and $16.95-$17.95 for the Perfect Sized version, the are fairly affordable for a beginning cloth diaper Mama or those on a budget.While the elastics on the One Size version can take some trial and error to get the best fit for your little one, once you get it, the fit can't be beat.
The waterproof outer layer is soft, but durable. The snaps a steadfast and the company promises 3 years with no snap breakage, and should you elastics break, they can be replaced in under 10 minutes easily.

I really like my Fuzzi Bunz a lot and I'm hoping you will too! Most cloth diaper sites carry them and now you can even find them at

Cloth Diapers are certainly becoming mainstream when you can find them at Target ;)

Next week I'll be doing a review on a few kinds of covers, including woolies and fleece.

Have a great weekend!


Melissa said...

I have one used OS but it's the old style without the hip snap. I like it okay but it's not the first I reach for. It was hard to get the right size. I would love to try the perfect size with the hip snap. I might be on the look out for one! I do love the softness of it.

Amanda (2monkeys'momma) said...

Great review Sarah! I prefer the sized ones too, but it's nice to see how the OS ones work. Noah is so darn cute!!!

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard the newer style with the hip snaps totally trumps the older style. I've never tried the old style but several moms on have mentioned that the new hip snaps make all the difference.
I don't know if its the newer ones or what but I ordered 2 from a few weeks ago and the inserts were the softest i've felt. omg i want undies made of that stuff :P

Amanda: thank you so much! Isn't Noah a cutie? I'll have to see if Bonnie gave me a full face picture of him. She took some pictures of him rocking a GM so I think I might do a updated review and add some new pics. Cause now that I've solved the snap problem I really like them a lot.

kyla426 said...

I recently obtained an old-style small and I was super surprised at how well it fit compared to the the mediums I've been putting on my skinny 15lb baby. And I've got a lot of love for my OS now that I've got the elastic just where I want. I am pretty please with their customer service too. I had stitching issues that they quickly resolved and sent some wonderful & soft wipes free with the replacement. The wipes are now my favorite and always at the top of my pile.

Anonymous said...

Kyla: You are so right. :)
Once you get the elastics where you want it, it's awesome.
I might buy another one when i have a few bucks. I traded mine for some BSRB love :)