Friday, August 21, 2009

It's abbreviation time!

I get a lot of "Hey, what in the heck is a BSRB". I get that a lot actually...
So I figured while I'm up at 1:30am with a cranky post shot baby, I might as well post some definitions for some of the newbies out there. These are NOT in alphabeticaly order, cause frankly, it's to darn early for that...

First off, BSRB:

BSRB: short for Bagshot Row Bamboo which is a fitted, one sized, certified organic bamboo diaper that is VERY popular with the cloth diapering crowd right now. It's made by a wonderful WAHM (thats work at home mom) named Joyce. These diapers can be pinned or snappied and should be used with a cover if you are headed out in one. Most of us just let our babes run around uncovered if we're just chilling out at home. Joyce has recently come out with a All in One that does not require a cover. I've yet to get my hands on one.

GM: Short Good Mama which is another type of fitted diaper that is one sized and has a row of snaps across the front for adjusting the rise. They are made from both organic cotton velor or organic bamboo velor. These diaper don't require any pinning or snappi, but the regular ones do require a cover for extended use, much like a BSRB. The creator of this diaper has also come out with a All in one that eliminates the need for a cover.

FB: Short for Fuzzibunz, a pocket diaper available in a one size fits all or a sized option. Very soft, very leak resistant.

BG: Short for BumGenius. This is a great company who makes many kinds of diapers. From fitteds, to pockets, to All in Ones. They have fleece lined diapers, suede cloth lined diapers, organic bamboo.. Just about anything.

Pockets: Pockets refers to a style of diaper that has a "pocket" in the back in which you would "stuff" or insert a absorbent insert.

Fitted: Fitted refers to a style of diaper that fits to your baby, has elastics in the leg, and typically requires a cover. These are made of very absorbent materials and can be secured with snaps, a snappi, or pins.

AIO: Short for All In One, which simply means its a diaper AND a cover together. Some AIO's have pockets, some do not.

AI2: short for All In Two which is similar to a AIO in the fact it is a diaper WITH a built in cover, but the insert/soaker is attached in some form...

DSQ: stands for "Diaper Service Quality" and refers to prefold diapers that are of good, absorbent quality vs. flats you can find in the store.

Prefold: Prefolds are diapers that are many layers of cotton sewn together, the thickest being in the middle where you need it most. These can be used with pins, snappis, or you can simply fold them in thirds and lay them in a diaper cover.

Snappi: A Snappi is a stretchy, t-shapped rubbery fastner used to secure a fitted diaper or a prefold diaper. These awesome little guys have replaced the need for diaper pins in most households (though I still love to pin my prefolds)

Soaker: A soaker can be one of two things. When I think of a soaker, I'm thinking of a diaper cover made from a water resistant material such as wool, or fleece that you can put over a prefold or fitted to repel leaks. It can also refer to a extra absorbent insert used to boost leak protection in a diaper.

WAHM: Short for "Work at Home Mom" which is pretty self explanatory. A WAHM is a mom who chooses to work from the home so she can raise her children.

Woolies: Woolies refer to a type of diaper cover. These can be hand knit from wool yarn into adorable little soakers, shorts, or long pants. They can also be made from recycled wool sweaters. Wool is naturally antibacterial, super absorbent and yet breathable for your babe's booty.

Shorties/Longies: Refers to either a short style soaker or a long "pants" style.

I'll add more as they come to me :P

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