Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My first love, Bum Genius 3.0

When my husband and I first decided to cloth diaper, I was around 5 months pregnant with Isabella. We tossed back and forth the idea of a diaper service, but ultimatley we decided to just wash at home. There is a lack of cloth diaper services and stores in Las Vegas so there really wasn't much of an option but to shop online.

The very first place I found was I sat there, jaw agape, and stared in wild eyed wonder at all the different types of diapers. I was in awe. What would I chose?

It was then I saw my beloved Bum Genius. I was so intrigued by the idea of a One Size diaper that would fit my newborn (they say around 7lbs) till she was potty training as a toddler. It blew my mind. And all the pretty colors caught my eye. There was a blaze orange for Daddy, thats his favorite! I was VERY excited to say the least.

I still am! I've got to say these are my favorite pockets outside of my sized Fuzzi Bunz.

The Bum Genius 3.0 One Size is a one size fits all pocket style diaper. It has snaps on the front that adjust verticly for size and applix hook and loop closure taps to ensure a snug fit:
From Cloth diapering

From Cloth diapering

The inserts are made of microfiber and every diaper comes with one Newborn shorter style booster and their larger booster which snaps down for smaller babies. I use them both for Izzy right now, cause the girl pees like a race horse.

The pocket is the coolest part of the diaper. After you stuff it, the Bum Genius has a patent pending fold down stopper that keeps the insert inside the pocket and your baby's clothing dry:
From Cloth diapering

This is a very husband/babysitter/grandparents friendly diaper. Simply lay the baby on the diaper and pull the tabs across and fasten as so:
From Cloth diapering

You can even overlap the tabs on a smaller baby.
Some people have complained that the applix gets pilly and falls apart for them. However I've had no problems. It may be because I line dry my diapers outside, and because I take time to pull any loose strings off my velcro and trim any fuzzies.
If you're a crafty Mommy, you can always revamp with a snap press.
OR you can pay a little extra for the BumGenius One Size Organic Diaper with snaps which requires no stuffing of inserts and of course, has snaps. I personally prefer the velcro for the snug fit I get.
This diaper is amazing, cleans up well, and so far has lasted us with no problems. At $17.95 brand new it's a good investment for a diaper that will carry you through to potty training. You can also find this diaper on lots of swap boards for $12-$14 dollars a pop.

I totally recommend this diaper to my cloth diapering mama's out there. Pockets are nice to have for night time diapering (you can stuff as many inserts as you need in there for a good nights sleep with no leaks) and for the cloth diaper inept (like the hubbies and the sitters). I have 6 I keep for my husband, since he's prefold challenged ;)

Izzy loves her BumGenius:
From Cloth diapering


Melissa said...

I, too love my BGs! But I have had the velcro problem. Cottonbabies had me return all 15 of mine and replaced them! The new ones are starting to curl up a little and I only line dry also. Not real happy about that but still a great diaper!
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Molly said...

Why are the tabs lighter than the rest of the diaper?

Anonymous said...

the tabs are lighter on this one because it was one of the special edition easter colors they did.
They took all the main colors and added a contrasting lighter tab on them. I looooved them and had all of them at one point.

Anonymous said...

Melissa Some washers seem to tear the hell out of the velcro I've noticed. That and if you wash them with prefolds it really can mess them up.
Cotton babies has AMAZING customer service though, and they are always so quick to replace a product. Gotta love it.

I'm not a member of but I will check it out!