Friday, August 14, 2009

Overdue GoodMama review

I had purchased some used Good Mama's off because of mixed reviews from my fellow Mama's.

Here we have a Good Mama OBV (Organic Bamboo Velor):
From Cloth diapering

It is super soft and really heavy. I loved the feel of the fabric and I'm sure Izzy liked it too ;) The snap in soaker was made of the same bamboo velor and was VERY soft despite being second hand.

This is a One Sized Fitted Diaper, you will need a cover for this diaper if your using it for naps or for long periods of time (although they just came up with a new AIO diaper with a cover called The One.
When we open it, you see a row of snaps on the inside:
From Cloth diapering

Here we have this One Size diaper on my 13lb baby girl:
From Cloth diapering

Notice the 2 rows of snaps. In order to fit a smaller baby, you have to fold the rise down and snap the inside row:
From Cloth diapering

Then overlay the wings for smaller babies and snap where the fit is best for your baby:
From Cloth diapering

As you can see, it's a little bulky on a smaller baby, giving them quite a "bubble butt":
From Cloth diapering

From Cloth diapering

But the overall fit isn't bad at all.

Now for the review part of this review:

I REALLLLLY wanted to like this diaper. I really did. However despite the pretty colors, the awesome fabric, and the benefit of a one size fitted, I had some design issues. The snaps on the inner row rubbed my poor daughter something fierce. They left awful red marks on her. When I contacted their customer service department, they suggested I had the diaper to tight (which I did not) and that I might try to buy their Good Front Soaker to cover the snaps.
However I feel that this would be such a simple fix for them.
I've also had many Mom's tell me they've had horrible problems with the snaps breaking, arriving broken, or missing entirely.

So I sold all my Good Mama diapers and continue the search for a fitted that has snaps that are covered. The concept behind this diaper is great, if they could just do something about the snaps I would probably buy quite a few of these. The fabric and the fit is really nice (though with the OBV's the soaker can bunch up a bit, which sucks for poops)

I prefer my BSRB's over the Good Mama.
For one, the fit is more customizable with my BSRB's. I can get a much more snug fit on my wiggly baby with a snappy and a bsrb.
Also, the fabric, while maybe not /as/ soft as velor, is way more absorbant.
I also found that BSRB's fit much better under a traditional cover than my Good Mama's did. Plus! The customer service for BSRB's (Joyce herself!) can't be beat.

So all in all, these diapers are a great steal if you can get them second hand on one of the many swap boards out there. But I wouldn't pay full price for one until they come up with a way to cover the snaps that doesn't involve me buying a additional soaker. In the meantime I would recommend a BSRB over this diaper anyday.

Have a great weekend folks!


kyla426 said...

Thanks for the GoodMama review. You eased my decision to stay away from the 50% off sale yesterday. I too was worried about the snaps rubbing.

Anonymous said...

I ended up buying a couple, because like I said, they have a great fit and they are very soft but the snaps.. oh lord the snaps.
I bought these and I'm going to work on modifying them and see if I can come up with a easy way to cushion the snaps.

What I would suggest, is go on spots or and grab yourself a used one for 12 bucks or less and try it out.
You might find it works okay for your Little One and you might be able to cover the snaps too.
But if you don't want to hassle with that, then I wouldn't bother.

Happy Hunting :P

Veronica said...

I am in the same boat, I really *want* to like them and there are things I like about them, but they are so bulky on my daughter. Luckily she doesn't seem bothered by the snaps, but she doesn't seem to like the bulk too much. The BSRB is a much trimmer fit for her and I like the customized fit I get w/ the snappi. I'm hoping the GMs won't seem as bulky when she is a little bigger :) I do use them at nighttime b/c they absorb a lot, but I'm really glad I didn't pay full price for them, I got them on Spots for less than $12 each.

Coltonsmommy09 said...

Thanks for the review. I noticed these diapers were quite expensive if bought new. I was thinking of buying them second hand but I will save my money and buy more BSRB second hand. I hear all the good things about BSRB and want to make some of my own fitteds modeled after them. Thanks again. I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

i also bought these and regretted the moment i put them on.
went back and sold them right off!

i have found a new love though- Marvels OS fitted by kissaluvs/ They are MUCH cheaper- $25, are one sized have lovely bamboo inside and cute prints on outside. What i like most is that at smaller stting like upto 30lbs, the snaps dont touch the baby. very ingenious design!
also they are super absorbent and work as a perfect night time diaper underneath a wool cover.