Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pinning a Prefold

Lots of people ask me if I prefer snappi's or pins when it comes to securing my diapers. I feel that Snappi's can be wonderful for prefolds, but I've had them pop off and cut my daughter before. It may be the way she moves, it could be user error.
Whatever the case my be, I kick it old school with my pins.

You can buy safe, locking head pins at your local Walmart, or most major online diaper stores. I bought mine from Walmart. In this pictorial step by step, I'm using a rather large prefold on Izzy. I ordered the wrong kind when I was pregnant. Since we live as frugal as we can, I'm going to continue to use these, until she grows out of them.

Now most people don't even bother with pinning. You can simply fold the prefold in thirds and lay it inside the diaper cover. But if you're using a pull up cover like a woolie or a fleece soaker, it's better to fold and pin.

For this demonstration I will be doing the Jelly Roll fold.

First I lay the prefold flat and place Izzy on top. For a normal prefold you'd want to line the back edge up with your child's belly button... But since these are freaking HUUUUGE, I'm going a bit higher:
From Cloth diapering

From Cloth diapering

Told you they were long...
Now to do a Jelly Roll you simply roll the sides in like so:
From Cloth diapering

This fold is great for containing even the nastiest of blow outs.
Next, we pull the rolls up the middle of baby:
From Cloth diapering

Now because this is such a huge/long prefold, I simply fold the top under like this:
From Cloth diapering

Next, using one hand hold the middle section flat while you bring up the wing from the side. Pull it as tight as you can get it (don't worry it will relax later)and overlap it over the middle portion like so:
From Cloth diapering

Be sure to keep your fingers between the diaper and your babies skin, because this is the point we will insert your locking head diaper pin. Insert the pin at a diagonal, pointing towards the hip. If you have a squirmy baby, be mindful of his flailing hands:
From Cloth diapering

Lock your pin and move to the other side. Repeat the process by holding the middle portion flush to the hip and pulling the side wing up and over as tight as you can. Then pin. It should look something like this:
From Cloth diapering

Mind you, with a smaller prefold it will be more even and much less bulky. This is just... huge...
The Jelly Roll is pretty snug on the side of babies leg, giving you a nice rolled "gusset" to protect from any sneaky poo that might try to get onto your precious woolies ;)
From Cloth diapering

As you can see, you can never pull the prefold tight enough. The fabric WILL relax, so you will /not/ hurt your little one:
From Cloth diapering

Note the happy model ;)
From Cloth diapering

Now that you've got your prefold pinned, you can either place a wrap style diaper cover such as a Thirsties or a wool or fleece soaker such as this one we purchased from Bellies, Babies 'n More. It's one of my favorites.

From Cloth diapering

This soaker is also a weeeeee bit big on our little Izzy, as you can tell in the legs, but if you have a nice tight Jelly Roll, there will be no leaks. I haven't had any.

So that's the basic pinning of a prefold.
I love the Jelly roll best because, as I said, it really holds in the poop. There are also many other ways to fold a prefold. The Diaper Hyena has some good examples of other folds to try.

Happy Pinning!


Amanda (2monkeys'momma) said...

AWESOME!!! You.Are.The.Woman. I can't wait to try it out! Thanks Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amanda!!! :)
I'll try and get some different folds and that BSRB up soon.
I'm trying to convince my hubby to help me video tape me pinning it. would make more sense.

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

I'm not a huge fan of prefolds but this is very helpful!!

Jessica said...

You have inspired me to try using pins again. I'd really like to let Charlie go coverless at home sometimes. Oh, and I've heard that sticking the pins in a bar of soap helps them to push through thick diapers easier.

danidocrafty said...

You know, it's weird. I don't have kids and I don't think the dogs would take kindly to me suddenly cloth diapering them, but I find your blog fascinating!

Great post, lady! Should I ever have to change a cloth clad baby I'll totally know what to do. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dani :)

Veronica said...

Jellyroll is my favorite fold too! How do you keep your pins sharp? I bought some but everytime I try to use them, they don't seem sharp enough. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Veronica & Jessica: The bar of soap trick works great and also you can use a simple wax candle (avoid ones scents and dyes cause they might stain your diaper). My husband says you can sharpen your pins on a wetstone or a flint, but I think if you keep them in a bar of soap so they slide through the fabric better, they won't dull as fast.

Samantha OHHH how i hated prefolds at first. I would just trifold them in a cover and I would get mad how fast they wet through. But now that I know how to fold them I like them a lot. Plus you can use a safe for baby's skin doubler inside the prefold to give you a little boost.
Great for laundry day at least, while you're fitteds are in the wash ;)