Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And the Winners ARE!

#38 Melissa
#104 Danielle

Unfortunately I can't click on either of your profiles to contact you personally but here are the winning comments:
#38 (skipped 19 cause it was annon)
Melissa said...
I follow your blog.

September 16, 2009 6:22 AM

and # 104:
Danielle said...
And follow through bloglines. Does that count?

September 22, 2009 1:05 PM

You lovely ladies contact Jen at winkydinks to get started on your custom creations!

Thank you all for participating and hopefully we will have another giveaway soon!

Friday, September 25, 2009

One More!

One more entry in our fleece giveaway and we'll be choosing a additional winner!
That's 2 winners folks, 2 custom fleece soakers to be won.
spread the word!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Keep those entries coming!
Jen and I are so excited to see all the new faces and can't wait to give away the prize!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

R&S and winkydinks giveaway!

From random junk

Hello my faithful readers!

How would you like to win a custom fleece soaker from Jen at winkydinks?
From Cloth diapering

Jen and I are doing our first ever Cloth Diaper giveaway!
Enter to win one custom soaker, any size, any color Jen has available (you can see those Here, and with a sewn in doubler if you want! Also the winner gets free shipping (of course) to anywhere in the US & Canada!

Here's the deets:

You get one entry per person by just leaving a comment telling me why you like using fleece soakers.
You can get additional entries (1 per person) by doing the following:
1) Following my Blog
2)Becoming a fan of winkydinks on Facebook
3) Marking winkydinks as a favorite shop on Etsy
Just simply leave a comment for each of those, and of course your comment on why you like fleece, and you'll have 4 entries!

We will announce our winner on September 30th, at 8pm Central.

Also, just to up the ante, if we get over 125 entries, Jen will do not one, but TWO custom fleece soakers! Which means 2 winners will be selected!

Get those entries in folks. Remember to post a comment for each qualifying entry, put only one per person :)and don't forget to post a comment if you follow my blog, a comment if you fanned winkydinks and a comment if you favorited her shop on etsy. Each person should have 4 entries/comment :)

From Cloth diapering

The winner will be announced on the blog on September 30th, at 8pm Central. So make sure you check back :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Little Fancy Pants review and blog update

Here's a short and sweet review to tide you guys over for a few days. I'm sorry I've been slacking. Things have been crazy around my house.
Also, I went ahead and created a separate video channel for the blog to feature Cloth Diaper demonstrations. That way you guys can just watch specific videos rather than all my silly Izzy videos :P

I recently purchased a fitted diaper from Little Fancy Pants out of curiosity. I'm always looking for new kinds of fitted diapers and I had heard that these were worth a try. This particular diaper I purchased is a one size, bamboo/cotton fleece fitted diaper with a snap fit rise and a snap in soaker. It is almost like a combination of a Good Mama and a BSRB. They also make a one size without snaps that you can secure with a snappi or pins... but I wanted to try a snap version
There are some very cute prints and this is the one I chose:
From Cloth diapering

The outside is a 100% jersey cotton knit print, and the inside the diaper (the guts is you will) are bamboo and organic cotton fleece. The lining of the diaper is made from a cotton and polyester blend velour. As you can see, the snapping is very close to a Good Mama diaper, and the soaker snaps into the back of the diaper:
From Cloth diapering

To adjust the rise you simply fold it down and snap as you please. I should note, that you don't have to snap the same on both side. I'm very anal and like to snap exactly the same on both. If I snap 2 snaps in on the left, I'll do the same on the right. But you don't HAVE to, just snap wherever you get a good fit:
From Cloth diapering

Folding down the rise, the wings were still pretty high, which I liked:
From Cloth diapering

The material is soft, and so are the leg gussets. No red marks here, which I find I get sometime with a pocket diaper or all in ones that have the waterproof shell:
From Cloth diapering

There was quite a bit of extra fabric on the booty. Izzy had a very fluffy butt. Sorry for the blurry pic, but the kid was movin a LOT:
From Cloth diapering

However, Fluffy butts are cute, so I didn't mind:
From Cloth diapering

I really like the cut and style of this diaper. The fabrics used are very soft, and the diaper itself is pretty well constructed. I washed it a few times and no pilling or stray threads so far.

Now, as far as absorbency, I'm sad to say this diaper didn't hold up so well. After washing a few times to break it in, I still had leaks and soak through with her wool and fleece covers after just one pee. I found myself having to change it right away, and unlike my BSRB or Good Mama diapers, I could not leave her without a cover... The diaper itself is a little thin, and the soakers just aren't beefy enough to hold up to even a moderate soaker, let alone a super soaker. I love, love, love everything else about the diaper though. The colors, the softness, the design, the fact it doesn't leave marks on my baby... but for $2 more dollars I can get more absorbent fitted diaper.
I am, however, interested to try one of Little Fancy Pant's All Nighter's because it has a lot more absorbent material and I'm always on the look out for a good absorbent night time diaper.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We have a surprise coming this week, a review of Bubu Bebe fitted diaper that was generously gifted to me by a fellow cloth diaper mama, Jessica.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Cloth diapering parents are some of the nicest people I know. Seriously.

I'm part of a group over on and I vented my frustrations about the economy, not having enough money for rent and our bills, and how I would have to sell a big chunk of my diaper stash to be able to pay some bills and buy formula next week. Fully intended to just vent, get it off my chest, and move on.

I was totally moved by the outpouring of offers to send diapers, coupons, gas cards anything these ladies could do to help us out. I feel so blessed to have made such wonderful friends as these... These ladies are so sweet and kind, half of them in the same position financially as I am, and still wanting to lend a hand. I feel like they are my Angels.

It really is a amazing thing that a bunch of like minded women (and a few dudes :p )who share a hobby and a passion, are so willing to help each other out. Really awesome. Just goes to show you, with all the horrible things we see on the news, that people /are/ good at heart and capable of so much compassion and warmth.

Thank you, everybody who has offered to help us out through this difficult time. I appreciate the thought so much. We will be okay and we'll pull through this little dip in the road like we always do. If you still feel the need to help /somebody/ how about your local women's shelter or domestic violence shelter? They are always looking for simple things like toiletries, socks and undies, baby clothes and toys, even your unused coupons! There are a lot of people who are a lot worse off than you and I right now that could use a little love and understanding.

The Lord has truly blessed me with a wonderful, hard working husband, 2 beautiful little girls, and a sea of amazing friends (some of who I've yet to meet). I can't help but feel very, very lucky.

From More Bella

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

new look. for now

Trying to figure out why my old template went wonky on me.
Until I fix it, I'll just be using one of the original Blogspot templates.
Sorry for the blah.

Also I added a link to my videos on youtube. I might end up making a separate channel just for CD's but until then you'll have to suffer through my baby's home movies and my baby voice (it's hideous, i know...)

Video by Request

I've been getting a lot of requests to show how I get my BSRB's on so tight and how I keep them from linking. With the help of my lovely husband, we shot a quick video. Turn your sound up for the first part, he is a giant and was far far away.
Basically I pull the wings up and out then in as tight as I can, then do the same on the other side. I pull them REALLY tight, almost to tight, but the fabric relaxes when you pin it. Also, pulling the center of the diaper up tight helps a LOT.

If you want to see any more demonstration videos, leave me a comment of what type of diaper/prefold/cover/pin you wanna see and I'll do my best to get it up here.
It goes without saying, but all videos and photos on my blog should not be reused or taken without my permission, but I gotta say it cause some people just suck.

I <3 my new Fleece Soaker!!!

From Cloth diapering

When most people think about diaper covers, they think about those nasty, stiff, plastic pants that look like rainproof undies. Not anymore. Today's cloth diapering mama has many options for covering their little ones precious bums. Wool, Fleece, PUL covers... I much prefer wool and fleece, simply for their versatility and water resistance. I adore wool soakers, but thats another post all together.

Today we're going to be talking about fleece soakers. I recently received a custom fleece soaker from Jen at winkydinks. She makes both 100% recycled wool soakers as well as fleece. The nice thing about fleece is that it needs no special care as far as lanolizing or hanging to dry. When it's soiled, you just toss it inside out in your regular laundry. You can even use a dryer sheet with fleece, which can boost the water repellent properties of your soaker. Just don't get use dryer sheets with your cloth diapers because it can ruin their absorbency. Fleece, however, does not carry the same anti-bacterial qualities as a wool soaker... So it will need to be washed more often. Fleece can also "compression wick". This doesn't mean that it leaks, it just may feel damp if you baby has been sitting on it with a wet diaper inside. Depending on the type of fleece you get and the absorbency of the diaper beneath it, fleece covers can last you quite a long time in between changes. With my winkydinks fleece soaker, I've had no leaks, not even during nap time!
Here is my beautiful custom fleece soaker:
From Cloth diapering

Jen sewed a extra doubler inside for a little extra protection:
From Cloth diapering

Here is our half awake monster baby, Isabella, in a regular pinned prefold:
From Cloth diapering

And here is the soaker on the baby. It fits her just right:
From Cloth diapering

Some people will need to size up with fleece covers, as they don't have as much of a stretch to them as, say, your average wool soaker. Izzy is sized more for a small, but the medium soaker fits her almost snugly over a fitted bamboo diaper, so I'm glad I sized up. You can also ask for a longer rise, which is nice for some babies depending on the shape of their bodies. Izzy is on the skinny side with very narrow hips and very little thigh chub, so the Medium fits her 13lb frame just right.

At around 7$ to 12$ a piece, these fleece soakers are a steal. I definitely would recommend these soakers to any Cloth Diapering Mama or Papa (can't forget the dad's) and especially for those who really want to get into fitteds/prefolds and covers, but don't want to pay to much for a wool soaker...(pssst,did I mention winkydinks also makes 100% recycled wool soakers and longies for around the same prices?)

Also coming this week we'll be looking at wool soakers from winkydinks and a fitted bamboo diaper with snaps from Little Fancy Pants and BubuBebe

Tomorrow is Thursday! Don't forget to put on your Stalking Hats and head over to Bagshot Row Bamboo's Hyena Cart at 6pm EST

Happy Hunting and God Bless!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates this week. We have a sick Miss. Izzy and Miss. Caitlin and now Mommy is sick. So give us a few more days to get back on our feet and I'll post some more cd goodness.