Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I <3 my new Fleece Soaker!!!

From Cloth diapering

When most people think about diaper covers, they think about those nasty, stiff, plastic pants that look like rainproof undies. Not anymore. Today's cloth diapering mama has many options for covering their little ones precious bums. Wool, Fleece, PUL covers... I much prefer wool and fleece, simply for their versatility and water resistance. I adore wool soakers, but thats another post all together.

Today we're going to be talking about fleece soakers. I recently received a custom fleece soaker from Jen at winkydinks. She makes both 100% recycled wool soakers as well as fleece. The nice thing about fleece is that it needs no special care as far as lanolizing or hanging to dry. When it's soiled, you just toss it inside out in your regular laundry. You can even use a dryer sheet with fleece, which can boost the water repellent properties of your soaker. Just don't get use dryer sheets with your cloth diapers because it can ruin their absorbency. Fleece, however, does not carry the same anti-bacterial qualities as a wool soaker... So it will need to be washed more often. Fleece can also "compression wick". This doesn't mean that it leaks, it just may feel damp if you baby has been sitting on it with a wet diaper inside. Depending on the type of fleece you get and the absorbency of the diaper beneath it, fleece covers can last you quite a long time in between changes. With my winkydinks fleece soaker, I've had no leaks, not even during nap time!
Here is my beautiful custom fleece soaker:
From Cloth diapering

Jen sewed a extra doubler inside for a little extra protection:
From Cloth diapering

Here is our half awake monster baby, Isabella, in a regular pinned prefold:
From Cloth diapering

And here is the soaker on the baby. It fits her just right:
From Cloth diapering

Some people will need to size up with fleece covers, as they don't have as much of a stretch to them as, say, your average wool soaker. Izzy is sized more for a small, but the medium soaker fits her almost snugly over a fitted bamboo diaper, so I'm glad I sized up. You can also ask for a longer rise, which is nice for some babies depending on the shape of their bodies. Izzy is on the skinny side with very narrow hips and very little thigh chub, so the Medium fits her 13lb frame just right.

At around 7$ to 12$ a piece, these fleece soakers are a steal. I definitely would recommend these soakers to any Cloth Diapering Mama or Papa (can't forget the dad's) and especially for those who really want to get into fitteds/prefolds and covers, but don't want to pay to much for a wool soaker...(pssst,did I mention winkydinks also makes 100% recycled wool soakers and longies for around the same prices?)

Also coming this week we'll be looking at wool soakers from winkydinks and a fitted bamboo diaper with snaps from Little Fancy Pants and BubuBebe

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Happy Hunting and God Bless!


Melissa said...

I have a winkydinks soaker too! I love it but it's gotten too small :( I will have to order a new one.

Anonymous said...

Yeah mine too. I forgot to size up on the other one I got. Jen is my favorite vendor on fleece and wool. My second favorite is bellies, babies n' more.
She's got some really cute stuff up on winkydinks right now and after she gets back from vacation she'll have even more cute stuff :)