Monday, October 5, 2009

Wow, That was fun.

We had so much fun, Jen and I, doing the fleece cover giveaway. I hope to do another one soon. You guys are all awesome and I wish I could have given one to everybody who participated.

I am sorry things have been slow here on R&S. We've moved into the joys of teething at our house. We have all just gotten over a virus, and now Izzy is gnashing, crying, drooling, and just a mess in general.

I need to update with a Bubu Bebe diaper review, a Good Mama Good Nights review, and start working on incorporating some other baby related goodness that comes along with frugal living. We've been making our own baby food since Izzy was a few months old, so I'd like to post some how to's and recipes. I'm also going to be reviewing some cloth diaper safe laundry detergents. I'm testing a few out right now. I also need to get a few more how to videos up.

If there is anything in particular that you guys would like to see, or if you want me to demo your product here, please shoot me a email to

Happy Fluff :)


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acu dipe *whistle face*