Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busy Lady and a Review on the fly :)

I forgot how insanely busy one becomes when a baby becomes a toddler. My days have been spent chasing the evil little demon around the house, trying to stay a step ahead and prevent one disaster after another. It's quite invigorating (can you smell the sarcasm?)

Between chasing angry drunken midget circus clowns, sewing and crocheting for my tiny, budding business, and getting healthy after my little health scare... I was a wee bit busy.

BUT I'm back :)

So what's new in the cloth diapering world of Rambles & Shambles? Not much. I've reached a tentative stash nirvana, as it were. I haven't been buying any new diapers to review. I did however fall into the hybrid craze and purchased some Gro Baby AI2's. I gotta say, I love them. I will post on those more later.

I would, however, like to demo a diaper for you guys. ;) I know! Shock and Amazement. It's been away. Lets dust this bad boy off and go for it shall we?

My family still lives back home in Alaska. My mom used to be a rural mail carrier, the old school mail lady who drives through the subdivision, putting mail in the old fashioned mail boxes with the flags. On her friends route lives a nice lady by the name of Somer, the owner of Bouche Bumz. I had heard about BB Diapers, but had never tried one. Long story short she gave one to my mom for me to try.

From Cloth diapering

Here it is, in all it's squishy glory. A Bouche Bumz AI2 This diaper is a one size, waterproof outer layer, with a soft squishy bamboo velour snap in soaker:
From Cloth diapering

The rise snaps up and down to accommodate your growing baby and rather than velcro/aplix, this diaper features a snap closure:
From Cloth diapering

I was really quite fond of this diaper. It was so incredibly soft and squishy, almost like a Good Mama but much more absorbent. You get the best of both words with the waterproof outer layer (in some mighty cute prints) but soft velour inside. It was pretty good at containing the super soaker I call my daughter and Poo' was no match for the excellent leg gussets:
From Cloth diapering

All in all this is one of my favorite WAHM diapers. The price is right, the quality is excellent and the fit is one of the best I've seen on my odd shaped little girl. The only negative thing I could say, and it's really just a personal preference, is that they are a wee bit bulkier than some of my other diapers... But I do love a fluffy butt.
From Cloth diapering

Besides, Izzy seems to approve:
From Cloth diapering

I would definitely recommend giving Bouche Bumz a try. Especially if you like AI2's.

Have a great day and Happy Stalking!

Monday, May 3, 2010


I'm so sorry to keep popping in and out guys.
I'm dealing with some pretty serious medical issues right now so I have little time or energy to update the blog. I did break down and buy some new products to demo, I've just not had a chance to take picture or write anything.

Izzy has turned 1 year old, life is full of toddling disaster and chaos :)

I hope you all are well and healthy. Live each day to the fullest, love your family and friends, never go to bed angry, and always give that kiss goodbye.