Saturday, July 17, 2010

BG 4.0

Well they came in the mail yesterday! I was all excited despite the delivery guy ringing my doorbell 8 times and banging on my door...

I opened the package and did my usual "YAY for FLUFF!" dance as I pulled out my new bumGenius 4.0 One size Diapers I bought the regular applix version, a staple in our house, and a snaps version that I had never tried.

That's were my excitement wore off.

The packaging looked different, but thats about it. They looked just like my old BG's. The only difference I could see was a slightly wider applix strip and a better laundry tab. The rise looked the same, and it was only a little big wider. I was really kinda disappointed that there weren't some huge and wonderful changes to accompany all the hype.

That being said, I have them in the washer right now being prepped. I expect the same great fit and absorbency, as BG's are pretty wonderful diapers. I expect them to work great just like always. I guess the only true test will be to see how the new applix holds up.

So I am sorry that I don't have a huge "Oh my gosh these diapers are amaaaaazing" post for you. I feel it would be redundant since we already know how awesome these diapers usually are.

I will post pictures later of how the applix holds up. I have high hopes for it because it /does/ look much thicker and a little wider.