Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ahhh time time time

Where have the days gone?

Here I sit, counting down the days till my little girl goes off to Fourth Grade, and my baby girl starts potty learning. I feel so old.

So much has happened in the past few months.

We lost our house for the second time and had to move. Twice now we have been renting and had our landlord lose the house to forclosure or trustee sale. We found a new place and were able to get Cash for Keys to move out of the old place. It's very nice, 2 stories, lots of room for the kids to run around. Perhaps the coolest thing is the loft upstairs. My husband has turned it into our oldest daughter's living room. She now has her own space, her own desk for her computer, her own tv and all my husband's old game systems. She has my glider rocker and 2 full book shelves full of books to read, though she claims to need many more.

I finally have a office! A place for all my yarn, my fabric, my sewing table and my new machine (the old one died). Our computer is in here as well. We also have a nice tall gate to keep the baby out. A must since our dear sweet Izzy is into EVERYTHING and the word "no" just is the essence of high comedy.

I've started making more projects. Snack bags, mama cloth bags, etc. I'm learning more patterns for crochet and trying to get faster and better at it.

We've had a torrent of dental issues as of late. My husband had to have a cracked inlay removed and replaced with a crown. So expensive. I had to be put out and have oral surgery for a lot of dental work. NOT fun. We are both in pain and cranky and trying to not take it out on each other. We don't always succeed but we love each other and at the end of the day that is all that matters.

We are settling in finally. One day at a time :)

I hope to be able to update more in the near future. Between my family and my business, sometimes it's hard. But I <3 you guys. So here I am :)