Sunday, October 17, 2010


So much has been going on lately!

I had the pleasure of attending the ABC Kids Expo with my friend Rachel from Sweet Baby Bottoms last week. It was amazing! Two full floors of everything from cloth diapers and baby carriers, to furniture and feeding supplies. Baby gear that would blow your mind, and the coolest eco friendly baby items I've ever seen.

I was fortunate enough to grab a few samples, and put my name in to do some product reviews. I can't wait to breathe life back into this blog and start doing product demos for you guys again! Business has been slow for me, and I'm experiencing some difficulties with that... but this just gives me more time to devote to you guys.

I'll be leaving for Alaska on October 29th, to visit my family and friends for 2 whole weeks. When I get back I should have lots of samples waiting for me to review. I have a few baby skin care products, teethers, and cloth samples here right now that I'll hopefully get a couple tested and up for review this next 10 days.

As always, I hope everyone is well and surviving these hard times. We live in Las Vegas, one of the hardest places hit by this recession, so I feel your pain. My husband is fortunate to have a decent paying job, and he provides for us the best he can. Even so, money is pretty much always tight and I'm hoping I can get my business going again to take some of the weight off his shoulders.

Drop me a line and let me know what kind of products you'd be interested in seeing me review, what brand diapers you are into now, and anything else you have questions about...

Peace and Love to you all!


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