Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PIMP'in IS easy. :)

(tmi alert, if talking about your menses grosses you out, turn back now... but since most of you have ovaries and have been elbow deep in baby poop... man up and read)

McKinney-Oates Ceral is doing a blog giveaway for my favorite cloth pad vendor, Party In My Pants. Head on over there to enter to win a 25$ gift certificate.

Now I need to review these bad boys officially on the blog one day, but for now here is my comment entry:

"I’ve always had murderous periods. We’re talking, bleed so hard you think you’re dying and you can’t move because the pain is so bad…

I cloth diaper my daughter, and I actually sew wet bags for both cloth diapers AND mama cloth, but hadn’t tried cloth pads until my last 3 cycles. I had several friends sing the praises of going chemical free and cloth, telling me “You CD your baby, so why not give yourself the same benefits?”

I had a ovarian cyst rupture, on top of a already horrendous cycle. It HURT to put a tampon in, and I had gone through my old postpartum pads… I was driving to the store for more, when the super ultra uber “if you bleed anymore you’d be dead” tampon… leaked… all over my LIGHT GREY car seat..

It was then that I had enough.

I tried the PIMP cloth curious sampler and was super impressed that it was not only comfy, but amazingly more absorbent than those chemical filled little tubes o’ delight i’d been shoving up my poor woohaa all this time.

After my first cycle with the cloth, I noticed not only did the bleeding go down, but the cramping wasn’t as bad. My guess is from the lack of dioxins and nasties that come in regular pads and tampons helped my body regulate itself. It wasn’t any big deal to wash them.. it really wasn’t… They even did amazing overnight!

I can’t wait to order more."

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