Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where did all my free time go?

Not that I ever had much of it, but the ability to run this blog, my business, chase my extremley spirited 20 month old, deal with my moody tween, and be a good "house wife" have left me no time for anything else.

I'm sorry it's been so slow here guys :( I had big dreams for getting the blog rolling to daily posts again, or even weekly... Sadly there isn't enough time in my day.

Business has been slow, and I'm considering closing the shop. I'm not making enough to even break even at this point. I've not paid off my supplies/equipment costs from last year, I'm lucky if I get one order a month... I think people just either don't have the money to spend, or they would rather snag something while they are CD shopping at the same time.

Either way, not pulling in any money coupled with feeling like I've failed at something has made me less and less ambitious as time rolls by. My machine has been collecting dust for a month now.

Maybe it's time to let go...

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